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Pubs Opening on the 4th of July

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Do you think that pubs opening on the 4th is to early or do you still think we should maintain the 2m rule and keep them closed

15 days ago
What do you think of this?
lornaae15 days ago

Too early, many scientists and health experts have said just that. Surely it’s better to stay like this for a bit longer until things are much safer.

Lynibis15 days ago

Can't remember the last time I set foot in one....at least 10 years ago. I wouldn't miss them but respect the need for pub staff to earn a living. However, I personally would sooner be broke than dead.

Getsome15 days ago

Herd immunity without blaming the government. The pubs will be rammed and after a few beers social distance will go to ****! Opening the pubs on a saturday is moronic also while there are 5 matches on tv throughout the whole day. It will be a disaster

hspexy15 days ago

A lot of them are already open, just that they serve people by the door and customers then hang just outside, usually sitting on the floor, no distancing at all. I do want them to open, but I know that it’s one industry where it’ll be hard to stick to the rules

BonzoBanana15 days ago

I went out the other day to collect a click and collect order from Asda, I thought it would be in the car park using lockers as shown on youtube but instead it was instore and very poorly done. I then went to a garden centre and they had organised it very well but still people would not follow the arrows and ruin the whole process some of which were the elderly who are most at risk.

I've not heard it mentioned what limit to drinks there will be. I thought that would have to be part of the pubs re-opening like a 3 drink limit so people don't get too drunk and don't follow the rules.

Ultimately I feel only about 70% of people act responsibly so I question how any end of lockdown can be achieved safely.

As someone who has had covid 19 and been in hospital on oxygen I probably have some immunity now although not fully over the symptoms because my lungs were damaged by my own immune response. I went for a walk yesterday and I'm much more comfortable doing that. I feel I'm 80-90% healed. It's an absolutely horrible virus, worst virus I've ever had.

We aren't like Japan where people follow the rules religiously we are more anarchic sadly and I feel we are going to get it pretty bad. I got this virus in about mid January for about 12 weeks I had minor symptoms and then I had a huge immune response where I struggled to breathe and finally ended up in isolation in hospital on oxygen after struggling at home with breathing for about 2 weeks. I was never confirmed as having covid 19 as all 4 tests came back negative but I was put in isolation as the damage to my lungs was typical of covid 19 and my symptoms were spot on covid 19 as are my post-covid 19 symptoms. My point is we know so little about this virus and are guessing at the moment. I didn't think I had covid 19 as I'd got the virus shortly into the new year, then I didn't think it was covid because I had the mild symptoms for about 12 weeks but then it became much worse. I don't fit the common explanation of how covid 19 works. I just feel like its going to hang around for perhaps the next couple of years until more effective treatment becomes available and many more people are going to die sadly. Should we build up even more debt which in itself will kill people or should we take the hit in the population without building up so much debt overall. It's a no win scenario.

Those countries that have dealt with the virus well maybe more vulnerable later on as other countries have developed a large population with herd immunity and they are more vulnerable. Ultimately no country will escape this. Some viruses remain in the body a long time, virus latency I think they call it. The virus remains dormant and under some conditions is re-activated and the host is then contagious again without encountering the virus again. So I could randomly become infectious again as covid 19 may have those properties. Like many people I find my breathing still has poor days. You'd think if my lungs were just healing they would just improve day by day but many people like myself have good and bad days breathing as if low levels of the virus are still active, attacking the oxygen in my blood. I'm overall improving every day its definitely not a clean line of improvement and so I feel there is a real chance of virus latency with this virus.

My advice is definitely plenty of Vitamin C and D plus zinc supplements and regular exercise plus some partial fasting to allow more autophagy and lower your weight. So if you do get the virus you are primed to deal with it and if you do get it make sure you keep taking the vitamin D and zinc. Try to avoid processed sugar as much as possible.

Dennab15 days ago

I fully support the pub industry as somebody who has made part of my living from it for over a decade. However, I will not be setting foot in one unless somebody I know is particularly keen on the idea. I just bagged £15 worth of drink for £10.50 in Tesco because the box was damaged so that'll keep me going.

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