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Would You Rather Money or a Gift?

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If it was your birthday, would you rather receive a gift or money as a present? I would obviously be happy with either but I think I'd rather a gift because it's more memorable!

4 months ago
What do you think of this?
Ann19844 months ago

I would prefer money sadly because a gift is normally not what I have use for and just gets put away until have massive clear out and it donated to charity

Lynibis4 months ago

At my age I would find it a bit embarrassing (although I would be grateful) to be given money especially if given by hand. Not so bad if the person isn't present and you find it in a card.

Usually children and under 20s are happy to receive money.

Personally I no longer need gifts at my age but I know my family like to give, just as I do to them, so they generally give me vouchers and it is nice to have a shopping spree occasionally.

Rockman4 months ago

Gifts hold a special place for its sentimental value while money doesn't and you'll either save for later or use when needed. I wouldn't mind either.

But, God, no gift cards. lol

hspexy4 months ago

It depends. I would rather have thoughtful, meaningful gifts, even if they were cheap, rather than a set amount of money. However, if I were saving up for something, than a contribution towards it would be handy

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