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Do the Rewards (Gift Vouchers) "Hurt" LatestDeals?

Latest Deals

This is used as an incentive for people to post deals, freebies, competitions and discount codes, and it's certainly nice.. But does it affect LD in any way negatively? Too costly?

14 days ago
What do you think of this?
TheChimp14 days ago

One of the problems is that people post non deals just for points.

It's so easy to go to Amazon and find 3 'deals', post them and get 300 points.

And it's a bit strange how a lot of members post exactly 3 deals a day. Funny how it's not under 3 or over 3, but exactly 3.

Ceebers14 days ago

I have posted from Amazon for years as I had very limited time in the mornings, before shooting out the door to commute to London. If you have Prime, as I do, I find that speed and delivery service goes along way as being part of the price for me.

IN fairness I have found some great deals on Amazon and rarely shop anywhere else just because it is so convenient for me living i the countryside. ou see it would cost me at least £10 to travel to any shops. Plus, I hate shopping.

I stopped posting freebies years ago, as this area again, sad to say, has become a bit of a jumble with people posting utter rubbish such as brochures. Competitions, I simply do not have the time or passion for this anymore.

The chat section... well I think by now TheChimp that this part of the website does not need to be incentivised either. People post such daft topics. Duplicates happen more frequently than not. I wish it was more topical and news/featured led.

Latest Deals is a great community and the points are an added extra.

TheChimp14 days ago

Ceebers I'm not saying that ALL deals from Amazon are poor, and I've found some absolute belters on LD, but there is quite a few deals that are a bit rubbish.

What I'm saying is that it's easy for members to gain 300 points a day just by posting anything from Amazon irregardless whether it is an actual 'deal'.

Now I will be posting a deal for some cheese and bacon rolls soon, not because I want 100 points, but because they're on offer and they are very nice.

Lynibis14 days ago

Why is this being discussed again, and again and again!?

If this 'hurt' LD they wouldn't do it, would they? They are a business after all and no business consciously loses money.

So what if people post 3 deals per day, IT IS WHAT THEY ARE ASKED TO DO! Why would they spend their time for free posting more or not get their full quota per day.

It is the deal quality itself that is the only problem and they are free to delete if they like and you are free to report.

As Ceebers said, the main problem is the stupid topics, repeats, inanity and blatant filling up with rubbish which rarely get comments.

Someone at the moment is resurrecting old posts and putting, yes I do, or equally short non comment comments. Why? The short ones don't even get 20 points so why clog up chat?.

I no longer post deals or comps chat is my only interest, and Tbh lifeline, but it is so obviously not chat anymore, just words to get points.

Stop points for chat and give them elsewhere if necessary!

Imnotcheap14 days ago

Sadly some only go on for the points

Golfforall14 days ago

Every single day you see the same members posting exactly 3 non deals (normally Amazon market place !) , 3 vouchers and presumably 5 likes all within a couple of minutes . Part of their daily routine while the kettle is boiling I presume ?

Many members obviously do it just for the points , but maybe some members are gullible enough to believe everything on Amazon market place is a deal ? After all there is always a percentage off a totally made up price .

14 days ago

Thank you for your Chat post and feedback. Latest Deals is proud to be the only deals community to give back to all members. It is expensive for us to do, but as deal hunters ourselves, we feel good about it. We are even so nice as to give points for comments that criticise points themselves 😄

Whilst it may not have been your intention for this Chat post, it has and will turn into a discussion about the quality of deals, for example, about people who may post three deals a day to get their points. As this discussion has been raised multiple times on Chat, we will close the comments on this thread. We recommend to anyone who wants to continue the conversation to have a search for those.

If anyone has any feature requests or constructive ideas on how to improve Latest Deals, we are always listening and you can share your ideas here:


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