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Santa Needs Your Help with Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas!



I just got back from the North Pole to meet Santa. Who better to ask about the best toy deals for Latest Deals!

I was telling Santa how my Mum used to gently tease open the end of a Christmas Cracker and squeeze an extra small toy or gift inside. And about what my Mum called a ‘Tree Present’ that could not be opened until tea time. Our Tree Present was always what Mum called a ‘doing present’ – something that immediately gave you something to do (like a puzzle, or small Lego toy to build) – I realise now Tree Presents are all about peace and quiet!

Anyway, Santa asked for my best ideas for Christmas Stockings ideas, so I said I’d ask everyone on Latest Deals for their Best Stocking Filler Ideas for Christmas 2018

HERE GOES! What do you put in your Christmas Stockings?

I’ve had a couple of ideas so far

Dinosaurs (8 pack)



Lego Compatible Mini Figures (24 pack)



I seem to remember also getting a mandarain orange from the fruit bowl, a piece of coal wrapped in tin foil, and two or three Kellogg’s Variety Pack cereals every year, without fail!

What do you put in your Christmas Stockings?

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
Jamala2 years ago

Johnny It is so hard for Santa at this time of year - so many people to try and please.

It's been a while since I have done Xmas stockings and a lot of it was handmade - hat or gloves, toffee and fudge etc. But the highlight was always a few indoor fireworks which were saved until after dinner when we had a 'display' while everyone was still sat around the table (make sure to hide the smoke detector!)

More recently I have been doing pinata's and I have found party planning sites really good for fillers. There are always discount vouchers for them. Kids really love the bouncy balls, anything that creates bubbles, paratroupers and tattoos.

Always include an orange or satsuma - its tradition! And some chocolate coins



AgnesFaludi2 years ago

Shopkins can be great and fill bags...

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