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Are You Saving for Retirement?

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Just wondered what people are deciding to do about retirement have you a pension sorted have you invested or do you think live now and worry about being old and penniless if and when it happens?

1 year ago
What do you think of this?
MeestairChrees1 year ago

Got a pension through work.

Never invested but it's something I want to do - just no idea where to start!

sarahgreen151 year ago

I‘m just saving in general, not for retirement specifically, but i will always do my best to make sure i have a good amount of savings.. savings are my main priority and always have been, so that will obviously help later down the line if my circumstances change

Pjran1 year ago

Yes I’ve saved and dabbled buying shares, unit trusts, isa etc. I think we all need to plan our retirement years. The state pension will never cover everyday needs with rates, heating and food let alone life’s little luxuries. Plus the pensionablue age keeps increasing

BBT1 year ago

After overpaying and paying off my mortgage i started to save, invest and also pay into a work pension. Its really important to me. And if anything happens to me at least i know my family will be ok.

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