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Selling on Ebay How to Avoid Bad Buyers?


Any tips how to sell on ebay without falling prey to bad buyers who want to scam you?


9 months ago
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AgnesFaludi9 months ago

Selling is easier, because the people pay u before u send the items, so u can see the money is coming.

blacklabrador9 months ago

If you are selling items with a fixed price using buy it now, rather than an auction, make sure you have ticked "require immediate payment". The amount of times I used to have people buying it now, then contacting me to say they can't pay for a week was getting ridiculous.

SandyRhodes9 months ago

I'd tend to stick to only selling to people in the UK unless you are selling specialist items such as art as it can take such a long time to arrive and refunds are a nightmare.

Make sure you have payment by PayPal but do not use family & friends if anyone contacts you and says use it as it will save you fees as you do not have the same cover if anything goes wrong. Always send recorded delivery if an expensive item or get proof of posting if just a couple of pounds.

If it is a dearer item I'm sure you can choose to only sell to people with some feedback so no 0 rated buyers. I know everyone needs to start somewhere but people do try it on or try and leave negative feedback.

Be prepared for people to message asking for buy it now prices when it is an auction, lower selling price, general 'do you know this is too high a price I can get it elsewhere for less' honestly people send some random messages!! Sometimes people want a buy it now as they know it will go quite high on auction but will offer you a buy it now so they can get it cheap. These are why I gave up selling on EBay it felt like being at a car boot sale with all the haggling!

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