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Do They Still Show "Protect and Survive" Video from the Olden Days in Schools?


It's scary and frightening, but quite informative.

EAS/Amber Alerts in UK seems to not be a thing that's really ever used. Or at least that I've seen/heard personally.

12 months ago
What do you think of this?
Wifimoneyuk12 months ago

The school I went to never showed anything like this although I didn't go to a mainstream school and I only left around 5 years ago and I don't think they will have reintroduced it although I may be wrong and they may still in mainstream school

Original Poster
12 months ago

The video doesn't provide any actual real info in terms of protection against such an attack. However, it gives a false sense of protection to people who think cushions, bags of sand, doors and so on will protect them.

Some grew up watching Dragon Ball, others with Knight Rider, Dukes of Hazzard and then there was this. 😆

I don't mean to make fun of it but it's kinda comedic.

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