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when does christmas officially begin for you all? general christmas for me starts with the first watching of a well known stores christmas advert. then chistmas proper as I wrap presents with carols on!

7 months ago
What do you think of this?
MeestairChrees7 months ago

Coca Cola, I used to think the same until I got grumpy they were showing it too early! I wish companies would wait until December until shoving it down our throats - it ruins the magic.

MrsCraig7 months ago

It starts a week before christmas day. I'm a teacher and the last week of term is always a nightmare! The kids don't want to do any work and are all hyper. I will show them a documentary based on the topic we are learning about so it is at least educational. They don't like me for it but if they complain I just go that's fine let's get our jotters out and do some work, they all agree to the documentary then! I refuse to show them Christmas films. I don't get Christmassy until near the actual day.

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