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Soft Water vs Hard Water

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Anyone noticed significant different by adding a filter to their showers or kitchen (Iv used water filter drinking before and notice it but mainly curious if it makes all that difference in shower etc as London has hard water)


a year ago
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Beezyrutha year ago

I live in a hard water area I have not found any difference in drinking water with a water filter. One of my cleaning clients has a water softner, the only difference it makes is less limescale in their shower and baths, but the water tastes disgusting

hspexya year ago

I haven’t bothered. I’m in a hard water area and nothing seems to make a noticeable difference to me. The water is never as soft as what I get when I’m abroad

ClaireF1978a year ago

I'm in a very hard water area and we have a water softener. You get less limescale and your skin feels nicer. We all notice our skin gets dry and itchy when the salt needs topping up and I noticed an improvement in my eczema when we first got it. The cold water from the kitchen tap doesn't go through the softener so it doesn't make a difference to the drinking water.

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