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Who Has Started Buying for Christmas/birthdays Already?

Money Saving

So wondered who else uses the sales to grab some bargains and buy early. Thanks to latest deals I’ve got my some of my sisters birthday present. It’s her 40th this year bought her some luxury skincare items half price that she won’t buy herself. I’ve got my niece some lovely NYX make up kits. I’ve bought some toys for Christmas too. I do this every year. Hubby says it saves us a fortune. I will only buy what I know said person will like though. etc

6 months ago
What do you think of this?
HannahSunderlan6 months ago

Me 🙋🏻‍♀️ I buy all year round and put everything up in my cupboard, I only ever buy deals with a person in mind though I don’t just buy for the sake of it. I have three very close girl friends and already sorted 2 of their birthdays for this year in the Boxing Day sales 😊

MeestairChrees6 months ago

Buy all year round too. I've already made a good start on this year, and even some for next year

KirsteyJames6 months ago

I dont buy for xmas until at least the middle of the year. I have bought a few things in the sale though mainly clothes as its my sons birthday in feb.

TiaTia6 months ago

Who doesn't like to think their getting a good deal? I always have someone in mind when I buy a present either discounted or in the sale and stash them away at the bottom of my wardrobe. (I also keep a list of what I've purchased and who it's for as tend to get a bit forgetful lately). Great when it comes to that persons Birthday or event and you haven't got to rush around looking for gifts. 😀

MichelleKe428576 months ago

Me 👍. I've started saving into the Park vouchers too. We have family birthdays every month of the year except October so we need to stay on top of it.

Faye16 months ago

I just buy as I need things for birthdays or Christmas. I’m not organised enough to buy in advance normally I’m last minute

DeeBurrell6 months ago

I have started to pick up some bargains and put away for the kids, not sure if I will use them for xmas or birthdays yet. I'm planning to pick up bargains I think they will like through out the year this year. Last was a mad one and I left it till late to get stuff.

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