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Which supermarkets do you shop at?


I just realised I shop at SEVEN supermarkets every week. Iceland, Aldi, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Poundland, M&S and Approved Food.

You may think Poundland shouldn't count - but I always pop in here and often find it cheaper for certain things than the other supermarkets.

Also, I have an M&S store near me and it has the best yellow-sticker deals! On my way home from work, I often pop in and get a discounted lunch for the next day. Plus, it's Dine-In for £10 (including a bottle of wine) is very good value.

What about you? What supermarkets do you shop at? I'm realising that sometimes it pays to be disloyal!

4 years ago
What do you think of this?
PhilipMarc4 years ago

My favourites are Aldi, Lidl and Farmfoods. There's one that's also really good which is BUYology though since it's only located outside London, I never had the chance to visit (their prices are incredibly good!).

I visited an American Food Store branch a week or two ago and the products they had were genuinely American (nothing Canadian there, as expected) but the prices were really much more than I'd have thought of. Like, a pack of cereals (normal quantity) was £5 +/-. I asked for the beer brand Old Style and they didn't have (I'd have bought one bottle even if it were £2-3 just to try it).

The store didn't have any music, or American music playing. Country music would've been nice to go along with it.

AgnesFaludi4 years ago

Special stores are usually more expensive, but maybe you can get these items on Amazon a bit cheaper.

cocolgooh4 years ago

I shop around a lot when it comes to grocery shopping. I typically use Tesco, Sainsbury's and Aldi the most, but I do also use ApprovedFood, Morrisons, Asda and Iceland when I'm near one of their stores.

Typically I go to Tesco, Sainsbury's and Aldi for my main grocery shopping. I shop around to make the most of the deals available. The shops are less than half a mile apart so it isn't really any bother to me to go to them all.

ApprovedFood I typically do one shop on there a month to stock up on a few things, but if there's something really worth getting then I may do 2 shops there.

Then I typically visit Morrisons and Asda around once every few months because their stores are further away and more of an inconvenience to me to visit.

Iceland I typically visit only for special occasions because their party packs of food are pretty good value and cater for the various allergies within my family, while other shops don't all cater to the allergies. I use them more to save time than anything though.

And sometimes go into Co-op if I happen to be passing at the time they do their yellow sticker bargains. I was able to get 2L bottles of Tropicana orange juice for £0.49 a few weeks ago, which was a great bargain! I got three of them, and they weren't even out of date. I think it was just the packaging was why they reduced those. You really do have to get there at the right time though or there isn't a lot left.

I guess I visit a lot of supermarkets too!

AgnesFaludi4 years ago

I buy everything on offer......

Amazon....Lots of the items I need, I order from them.....Like the Easter Ferrero Bunnies, Wafers, Baby Wipes, Nappies...etc

They have good prices and bring it up to the second floor....and all the time subscribe, so I get offer. Prices are better than the supermarket's. Sometimes they have unbeatable offers...

Waitrose....I use my card and choose offers and buy everything on offer. They give you 20% extra off from your favorite items, when they already on offer. They beat the other supermarkets like this....Organix big pack for babies £1.60. Can use coupons without any problems.Excellent customer service and high quality food and organic produce. Cool place to hunt for yellow stickers, but they go fast in the morning. Lemon 0.39p each, same price elsewhere, but Waitrose ones are double in size and have a lot more juice..

Tesco (Express)....because no other store is near to me, but would love to change to a small Waitrose or Sainsbury's instead. They have empty shelves all the time.

LIDL.....sometimes, somethings are very cheap there, like rim blocks x3....£0.99.

Huh the Easter chocolate bunnies...from.£0.79, if you have tight budget for these things, this is the ideal place to go.

Vegetables are cheap...ok ok not all of them, always need to be careful.

Sainsbury's sometimes I get there, have coupons, vouchers....or App offer

I have stock pile, when something is cheap I stock up. And I do not get much yellow sticker deal, sometimes mostly vegetables, fruits.....I do not buy bakery, after I got one item which was off....inside

Bargain284 years ago

aldi heron poundland iceland m and s asda tesco and i agree it deffo pays to be disloyal i have a clubcard but i mainly top my points up at eon but they ve stopped now so i changed providers on the net and there saving me so much a year plus i will recieve 40 pound in argos vouchers just for switching i just use asda and tesco for bits and pieces noodles mayo red sauce gravy granules stuffing mix

my meat is normally from aldis or our local markets do 5/6 trays for a tenner

heron often have cheap yoghurts example 3 or 2 times frubes for a quid just roll pastry 3 for a quid i bulk buy on those and freeze

they also have fab crisps and cake offers theres always a bargain to be had in heron

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