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What Do You Think of the Teacher in Emmerdale That is Kissing David's Step Son


I know its only a soap but gotta say this woman. CHaracter who btw is a teacher is totally off the scale . Not only is she kissing a 15 year.old pupil it's her boyfriends stepson .N to top it off she jealous he's got a new gf whose he's age . U can see she is about to claw luv... shoot people like this . She is basically a paedophile. Even though she's female and she committing abuse people in the real world are defending her saying he's messed her head up ... HELLO HES A CHILD N SHES THE ADULT . I HOPE THEY TAKE THE STORYLINE FURTHER AND SHOW HER GETTING PROSCECUTED

7 months ago
What do you think of this?
JohuraBegum7 months ago

I Don’t watch, nothing good is on tv anymore. Waste of time. What you said sounds right about the teacher being pedo.

RegularComper907 months ago

I think it's sick as he is only a kid. But I do think it's good of Emmerdale to raise awareness to the fact that there are definitely female pedophiles out there. xx

Lynibis7 months ago

Before the story started it was put out that there was going to be a student/teacher grooming situation but I think to balance the scales they have decided the teacher should, in this instance, be female. All this portraying 'reality' in soaps is a load of tosh. I have never known 1 village/street/square to have so much drama. Murder, rapes, adultery, deaths in major incidents, deceit, fraud. They are not some sort of counselling service and do not have to always reflect the seamier side of life, nor do they need to show the worst side of life before the watershed. Children think this is how life really is when most of the time it is nothing like it. You can bet your life there are plenty of young men out there now thinking how cool it would be to get with their dishy female teacher.

My 25 year old granddaughter is a jaw dropping beauty and teaches 6th form English, would hate to think the boys might think she could act like this woman, who, by the way, I think is too old to play that part.

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