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Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2018 Revealed


1) Harry potter Lego set Hogwarts great hall £89.99

2) Charlie and the chocolate factory hand puppet set the set £26.99

3) chow crown game £24.99

4) paw patrolfire truck £69.99

5) beauty and the beast tea set

6) bb-9 droid £129.99

7) experimake sludge n slime

8) num num lip gloss set £29.99

9) hatchimals collectibles

10) Ricky the trick - lovin pet £134.99.

This is what the 10 top toys are for Christmas 2018.

Some of these toys are way to dear. And the lip gloss set I would not give a child. What do you think of this year to 10 Christmas toys. 🎄🎁🎉🎈

9 days ago
What do you think of this?
Tasha0428 days ago

I don't think my daughter would be interested in any of them, she just wants L.o.l. dolls. I've seen thrre's a l.o.l house now but its £180! Santa will have to start working more hours to get that 😂

HannahSunderlan8 days ago

The cost of some of these horrifies me! I never remember asking for stuff so expensive when I was younger?! Or maybe adult me just wants to think I was a little angel who never asked for much 😂

lynnibis8 days ago

I was brought up with the maxim: If you ask you don't get, or I want doesn't get. I am not saying we should regress but I do think we have been raising a couple of generations who get everything they want without contributing or earning, thereby creating adults who have no idea of money management.

AgnesFaludi8 days ago

I think Shopkins are a big hit, everyone buys them nowadays..

Hmm Beauty and the beast tea set sounds good.

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