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Transparency around Beauty Products/supplements?

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We all know that advertisers bend statistics and wax lyrical regarding the efficacy of their products but it still astounds me how little regulation there is regarding claims made. For example vitamin companies can set the suggested recommended daily dose far in excess of what the body biologically requires as long as they stay within toxicity limits. Another- I had to email a request for a suppose very high end nourishing face cleanser as no full ingredient list given- when I looked it was basically soap for 30 times the price! Anyone else fed up with playing detective and think there should be more transparency/control?

a year ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibisa year ago

You have certainly opened my eyes, I had no idea! As far as I am concerned it is no better than a con, and even thievery. I shall be far more careful in future.

sarahgreen15a year ago

One thing that annoys me is cosmetic / skincare brands that widely state “97% of people said they loved it” then it says is small print on the bottom of the screen “97% of 23 people who tested the product” or something ridiculous... they should have a minimum number of people testing items before they can make these claims.. in my opinion

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