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What's the Best Advice You Have for Choosing the Right School?

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My friends are looking at school for their daughter and wanted to offer them some good advice but not sure what things they should be looking for and questioning when comparing different schools?

1 year ago
What do you think of this?
jmsonl1 year ago

Are they looking at the state system or private? I have some money saving advice on that.. LOL.

I guess if state system then they have a choice as they are in the catchment for more than one. Just like getting a job at a school my best advice is to visit and go with what you feel is better. It is not always about the final standings in rank tables etc. It is about getting the best environment for them to enjoy their time at school.

KirsteyJames1 year ago

My son is already in the comp but my daughter will be going to the same primary school and comp as him. I choose them because their the schools that i went to but their also the highest rated in our area. Im sure they would be able to looks at the statistics of the schools their considering online.

MrsCraig1 year ago

Depends what the want from a school. Most people will look at exam statistics but they don't always give an accurate picture and that isn't all that school is about. If possible I would tell them to join the forums on fb for the schools they are interested in and ask the parents on there about the schools. You want a school that is a good all rounder. One that has good exam results, deals well with behaviour, teaches valuable life skills within lessons and has activities and clubs for your child to join. You also need to look into transportation to the school as if it is out of your catchment area then you are responsible for getting them to and from school.

Johnny1 year ago

Have a good look at the toilets and the windows.

Are they in good order and clean?

They're a great guide to decent restaurants and to schools.

If the school can't (or doesn't) manage the small things well, it won't manage the big things any better!

Very often what you don't see and don't get shown is often a much better guide than what you do.

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