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Whats Everyones Opinion on Drugs?

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Whats everyone opinion on certain drugs and should soft drugs such as cannabis and other hallucinogenics be decriminalised?

I think cannabis should be legalised for those who suffer from disabilities that can have a possitive effects from cannabis as a medicine.

a year ago
What do you think of this?
ellenmcmurchiea year ago

Why has it taken so long?? I totally agree for it to be used legally for people that need it.

Glitterandgolda year ago

I think theres good arguments why some drugs at least should be decriminalised & more controlled. From what I understand some countrys who have done this also see a vast reducement in crime.

LeighReidAtanasa year ago

I donโ€™t agree with people taking drugs unless prescribed by a doctor. Yes I think they should legalise cannabis for people with disabilities if it will help them and make it prescribable through their doctor

ShellyAnna year ago

Bring on the cannabis! we are so behind in this country on this. I think it should be legal for both as meds and for recreation. Makes no sense alcohol is legal and that isn't to me. I would like to think I would qualify for it as a med due to my collection of chronic medical conditions. I can't wait to stop having to take pain killers and smoke weed instead. And unlike Bill Clinton, I might have inhaled.... ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

MichelleKe42857a year ago

I think the cost of trying to keep these drugs off the street is too much. It's a battle they will never win and actually they would have more control if the decriminalised it.

PhilipMarca year ago

There's already plenty of legal drugs, some more wouldn't make much difference to those who are addicted / can't live without it.

Also, this comment section on HUKD is like they're all on drugs, especially that Joe 90 guy.


BonzoBananaa year ago

Like anything if you start using it and get addicted and you don't have the money to pay for your next fix then crime happens. Legalising something doesn't mean its free but could drive prices down but then more people will try it however there will be less criminals profiteering from drugs.

Personally I'd use some sort of exit scheme where people addicted can approach their doctor to be given reduced doses of the drug they are addicted to until they are clean trying to reduce drug use which is implemented in some areas.

As a bad as cigarettes are they don't effect your judgement in any serious way but alcohol is another matter. Many people can't handle alcohol responsibly and I'd personally favour a alcohol license that could be restricted for people and each time anyone makes a purchase of alcohol that purchase barcode is linked to their license and if they give it someone without a alcohol license their own license is restricted. However I would still allow people to buy alcohol with a restricted license in a controlled environment like a public house but they would have a limit on the amount they could consume. Yes an invasion of privacy of sorts and a reduction in freedom but a necessary evil.

Alcohol still seems the worst drug out there it creates so much crime including domestic violence and car accidents plus a huge amount of vandalism is linked to alcohol. We have yet to come up with policies that manage alcohol successfully so not keen on extending substances people can use.

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