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What's Happen to the Bag's of Crisp's


The other day I brought a bag of crisps. And when I opened them there were hardly and crisp in side the packet. And that was a small bag of crisp. The bigger bag of crisp. You just get enough to share. They full of air to look like a full size bag of crisp. And they are so dear getting. A small bag of crisp can set you back £1.20 and the big bags of crisp can set you back £2.70. Do any one else fines this. Or is it just me.

10 months ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig10 months ago

There are definitely less crisps than there used to be! I know that they have to have a certain amount of air in the bags to keep the crisps from going stale/off, but they do seem to have more air and less crisps. The big bags are definitely half air, half crisps!

ShellyAnn10 months ago

I agree. One bag on its own can continue about 6 crisps! They are getting expense. I get them on offer or go to the poundshops (If there are any left open when I go shopping tomorrow!).

ACR10 months ago

I rarely buy small packets of crisps unless they are part of a meal deal. Tesco usually has at least one large bag or multi-pack variety on offer for a pound. They are not really worth £1.99 or more.

Rockman10 months ago

Crisps sold in UK are generally pretty crappy and low in quantity. Try the ones from LIDL or buy from an international store but those are a tad pricey because they're branded.

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