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for work lunches do you take your own or buy out/on site mainly? We have a fantastic canteen but with funds low im stuck with my own pack lunch - any cheap tasty ideas would be welcomed! TIA 🥗

5 months ago
What do you think of this?
AliceBell644685 months ago

We have a sandwich van come round to site which is an absolute rip off, roughly £3.20 for a plain cheese sandwich!!

I normally take my own lunch to avoid their high costs.. I am a very fussy eater though so would probably be pointless me making any suggestions. I alternate between tuna sandwiches on wholemeal granary bread or mug shot noodles which you just add hot water too, you can pick up 4 packets of them for a £1 at B&M bargains and home bargains and all those same kinds of shops.

ClaireF19785 months ago

We have a subsidised canteen at work so you get a hot meal for less than £3 or baguette sandwiches for around £1.80. I tend to use it as a back up though and maybe only get lunch from there around once a week when I don't have any leftovers. Lunches I usually take from home are leftovers from dinner the night before. My favourite is roast dinner sandwiches but we have a lot of curries, pasta and stir fries which are good for leftovers.

angemski5 months ago

A pack of wraps goes a long way over a working week. Lettuce and toms as your base and add from options:- tuna, boiled egg, ham, bacon, chicken, radishes, curried veg, tinned sweetcorn, flavoured rice and anything else you can find in your fridge. Personally, I find caramelised onion hummus spread on the wrap before the filling takes it to another level

gaelle05015 months ago

I used to love wraps, but i think I've eaten too many for work lunches, i dont enjoy them anymore 😔

loveglitches5 months ago

I always cook two different meals for the week so one meal lasts for couple of days and then the other so means don’t have to cook during the week , sometimes when lack of ideas just cool for first few days of the week , we have canteen too but I rather cook by myself as I use organic ingredients . Today will be making beef stroganoff with mash potatoes and cucumber salad , and today’s dinner we have left over from last night chicken goujons with chips , end of the week probably will make pasta quick one

MeestairChrees5 months ago

Used to eat out all the time but got expensive. It's easy to make a sandwich the night before, and not expensive. Also, cook more than you need in the evenings and take some of that to work?

chelseastevens15 months ago

Wish i had done this as it would've saved so much money that i could've out in the bank for a rainy day

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