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Cheap Apple iPhone Deals

Fiona Leake
Fiona Leake
  | Edited by Tom Church
Updated 14th January 2022

Apple is one of the biggest names in the world of smartphones, pushing the barrier of technology with every new iPhone release. In this guide, Latest Deals is here to help choose the best iPhone for you and help you find cheap iPhone deals.

How much are iPhones?


iPhones are towards the higher end of smartphone prices. The latest iPhone12 Pro is priced at around £999. Apple does have a huge range of models at different prices, the SE range being much more affordable at around £399.

If you opt for older iPhone models, they’ll be much cheaper but you’ll miss out on the latest modern features. The cost of an iPhone largely depends on which model you choose and you’re certainly spoilt for choice!

How to compare iPhone deals 


iPhones are high-end smartphones which mean they come with high-end prices to match. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get some great deals on iPhones. 

Here are some key things to look out for when finding the best iPhone deal: 

  • Incentives - find an iPhone deal that offers some bonus perks such as O2 Priority, freebies or the option to earn points. 
  • Timing - don’t search for an iPhone deal as soon as a new model has been released. Try to be patient and wait a few months for prices to drop. 
  • Compare - take the time to use comparison sites to find the best iPhone deals for your needs and budget. 

Ask yourself the following questions to help you compare the best iPhone deals:

  • What iPhone model do I want?
  • Do I want a brand new iPhone or a refurbished one?
  • What monthly allowance of calls, texts and data do I need?
  • Can I get existing customer deals from my current network?
  • What’s my budget? What can I afford to spend upfront and monthly?
  • How long do I want to be tied into a contract for? 

When is the best time to buy iPhone deals?


If you time it right, you can bag a brilliant iPhone deal. Here are the best times to have your eyes peeled:

  • New releases - when a new iPhone is released, the previous models will drastically go down in price. So, when the iPhone 12 came out, the iPhone 11 dropped in price. 
  • Black Friday - this is a yearly sale you don’t want to miss. On Black Friday, expect to see iPhone deals come crashing down in price. 
  • Amazon Prime Day - if you’re a Prime subscriber, this two-day long Amazon sale boasts some impressive deals. 
  • Anytime - cheap iPhone deals are available all year round, you just need to know where to look. Thankfully, we’re keeping the tables at the top of this guide updated, meaning you know where to come for the best iPhone deals.

Who has the best deal on iPhone?

There isn’t one network that offers the best iPhone deals as it depends on what you’re looking for and what your budget is. Every network has its own advantages and disadvantages.

To find the best iPhone deals, you can find the cheapest deals below, and you can also try the following: 

  • Look for older iPhones - the older the iPhone model, the cheaper it’ll be.
  • Go for smaller storage - the higher the internal storage, the more expensive the iPhone will be. Bear in mind that iPhones don’t have SD slots so you won’t be able to expand your storage. However, smaller storage is significantly cheaper.
  • Consider smaller networks - the smaller UK networks such as iD Mobile, Giffgaff and Voxi all piggyback off the larger provider’s networks. This means they are often cheaper as they don’t offer the same customer service as it’s online-only. 
  • Go refurbished - refurbished iPhones are technically as good as new but much cheaper.

What is the best iPhone to buy?


Apple’s latest release is the iPhone 12. This range includes the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

iPhone 12


We would recommend the standard iPhone 12 as the second best model available at the moment. It’s an impressive upgrade on the iPhone 11 with 5G support, a colourful OLED display and many more exciting features. An iPhone 12 will currently set you back around £800 which is a pretty standard benchmark price for high-end smartphones these days. If you're looking for the latest iPhone, you'll need to spend a bit more and go for the iPhone 13.

iPhoneProviderContractDataUpfront costMonthly CostTotal Cost
iPhone 12iD MOBILE2420£29.99£34.99£869.75
iPhone 12Virgin Mobile242£0.00£37.00£888.00
iPhone 12iD MOBILE24100£29.99£35.99£893.75
iPhone 12Three241£29.00£36.75£911.00
iPhone 12Virgin Mobile243£0.00£38.00£912.00
iPhone 12iD MOBILE24Unlimited£29.99£36.99£917.75
iPhone 12Virgin Mobile245£0.00£39.00£936.00
iPhone 12Virgin Mobile2412£0.00£40.00£960.00
iPhone 12Virgin Mobile2410£0.00£41.00£984.00
iPhone 12Virgin Mobile2412£0.00£42.00£1,008.00
iPhone 12Virgin Mobile2430£0.00£43.00£1,032.00
iPhone 12Three244£29.00£42.00£1,037.00
iPhone 12Vodafone2425£29.00£42.50£1,049.00
iPhone 12Virgin Mobile24200£0.00£44.00£1,056.00

iPhone 12 Mini


Apple has decided to release its first-ever mini iPhone with the iPhone 12 Mini. This is a smaller and slightly cheaper version of the iPhone 12. The battery life and storage isn’t as good as the standard iPhone 12. However, if having a smaller phone is something you’re looking for, you might be tempted by the Mini at an attractive price tag of £679. 

iPhoneProviderContractDataUpfront costMonthly CostTotal Cost
iPhone 12 MiniThree241£29.00£32.38£806.12
iPhone 12 MiniVirgin Mobile242£0.00£35.50£852.00
iPhone 12 MiniVirgin Mobile243£0.00£36.50£876.00
iPhone 12 MiniVirgin Mobile245£0.00£37.50£900.00
iPhone 12 MiniThree244£29.00£37.00£917.00
iPhone 12 MiniVirgin Mobile2412£0.00£38.50£924.00
iPhone 12 MiniEE241£50.00£37.00£938.00
iPhone 12 MiniVirgin Mobile2410£0.00£39.50£948.00
iPhone 12 MiniVirgin Mobile2412£0.00£40.50£972.00
iPhone 12 MiniThree2412£29.00£40.00£989.00
iPhone 12 MiniVirgin Mobile2430£0.00£41.50£996.00
iPhone 12 MiniVodafone246£29.00£40.50£1,001.00
iPhone 12 MiniVirgin Mobile24200£0.00£42.50£1,020.00
iPhone 12 MiniVirgin Mobile2416£0.00£42.50£1,020.00

iPhone 12 Pro


The iPhone 12 Pro is a more impressive version of the standard model and the Mini but it also comes with a considerable price hike, costing £999. 

The camera is improved along with the internals. However, the iPhone 12 Pro is still offering everything that the iPhone 12 already has. If you want the added oomph, then you’ll have to dish out an extra £200 for the Pro version.

iPhoneProviderContractDataUpfront costMonthly CostTotal Cost
iPhone 12 ProEE244£80.00£55.00£1,400.00
iPhone 12 ProBT Mobile244£80.00£55.00£1,400.00
iPhone 12 ProO2362£30.00£42.00£1,542.00
iPhone 12 ProEE2440£50.00£63.00£1,562.00
iPhone 12 ProBT Mobile2440£50.00£63.00£1,562.00
iPhone 12 ProEE24100£50.00£65.00£1,610.00
iPhone 12 ProBT Mobile24100£50.00£65.00£1,610.00
iPhone 12 ProO2365£30.00£45.00£1,650.00
iPhone 12 ProEE24Unlimited£30.00£70.00£1,710.00
iPhone 12 ProBT Mobile24Unlimited£30.00£70.00£1,710.00
iPhone 12 ProO23630£30.00£46.99£1,721.64
iPhone 12 ProO236100£30.00£47.00£1,722.00
iPhone 12 ProO236150£30.00£48.99£1,793.64

iPhone 12 Pro Max


The iPhone Max builds on the Pro’s specs and it’s even bigger, which might not be for everyone. 

If you want a high spec iPhone but you're not ready to pay the price of the latest iPhone 13, this might be the phone for you. It’ll set you back a whopping £1,099, though. 

iPhoneProviderContractDataUpfront costMonthly CostTotal Cost
iPhone 12 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile242£0.00£61.00£1,464.00
iPhone 12 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile243£0.00£62.00£1,488.00
iPhone 12 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile245£0.00£63.00£1,512.00
iPhone 12 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile2412£0.00£64.00£1,536.00
iPhone 12 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile2410£0.00£65.00£1,560.00
iPhone 12 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile2412£0.00£66.00£1,584.00
iPhone 12 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile2430£0.00£67.00£1,608.00
iPhone 12 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile2416£0.00£68.00£1,632.00
iPhone 12 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile2414£0.00£68.00£1,632.00
iPhone 12 Pro MaxO2362£30.00£45.23£1,658.28
iPhone 12 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile2425£0.00£70.00£1,680.00
iPhone 12 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile24Unlimited£0.00£71.00£1,704.00
iPhone 12 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile24200£0.00£71.00£1,704.00
iPhone 12 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile2450£0.00£72.00£1,728.00

iPhone 13


Apple's latest release is the iPhone 13. There are four phones, the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max.

The phone is available in a range of colours, and features Super Retina XDR Displays, that make the phone 28% brighter. The phone also features a new diagonal dual-lens camera, with wide and ultra-wide options.

iPhoneProviderContractDataUpfront costMonthly CostTotal Cost
iPhone 13iD MOBILE2420£29.00£38.99£964.76
iPhone 13iD MOBILE24100£29.00£39.99£988.76
iPhone 13Virgin Mobile242£0.00£41.50£996.00
iPhone 13iD MOBILE24Unlimited£29.00£40.99£1,012.76
iPhone 13Virgin Mobile243£0.00£42.50£1,020.00
iPhone 13Virgin Mobile245£0.00£43.50£1,044.00
iPhone 13Virgin Mobile2412£0.00£44.50£1,068.00
iPhone 13Virgin Mobile362£0.00£30.00£1,080.00
iPhone 13Virgin Mobile2410£0.00£45.50£1,092.00
iPhone 13Three241£49.00£43.75£1,099.00
iPhone 13Virgin Mobile363£0.00£31.00£1,116.00
iPhone 13Virgin Mobile2412£0.00£46.50£1,116.00
iPhone 13Tesco Mobile243£180.00£39.49£1,127.76
iPhone 13Tesco Mobile243£0.00£46.99£1,127.76

iPhone 13 Mini


The iPhone 13 Mini is one of the more affordable options in their newest range, being sold alongside the more expensive iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.

The Mini has the same features as the iPhone 13, and has a 5.4 inch screen.

iPhoneProviderContractDataUpfront costMonthly CostTotal Cost
iPhone 13 MiniiD MOBILE2420£49.00£33.99£864.76
iPhone 13 MiniiD MOBILE2450£49.00£34.99£888.76
iPhone 13 MiniiD MOBILE24100£49.00£35.99£912.76
iPhone 13 MiniVirgin Mobile242£0.00£38.50£924.00
iPhone 13 MiniiD MOBILE24Unlimited£49.00£36.99£936.76
iPhone 13 MiniVirgin Mobile243£0.00£39.50£948.00
iPhone 13 MiniThree241£29.00£38.50£953.00
iPhone 13 MiniVirgin Mobile245£0.00£40.50£972.00
iPhone 13 MiniVirgin Mobile362£0.00£28.00£1,008.00
iPhone 13 MiniVirgin Mobile2410£0.00£42.50£1,020.00
iPhone 13 MiniVirgin Mobile363£0.00£29.00£1,044.00
iPhone 13 MiniVirgin Mobile2412£0.00£43.50£1,044.00
iPhone 13 MiniVirgin Mobile2430£0.00£44.50£1,068.00
iPhone 13 MiniVirgin Mobile365£0.00£30.00£1,080.00

iPhone 13 Pro


The iPhone 13 Pro alongside the Pro Max is the newest pro-level release from Apple.

The Pro features the biggest Apple camera upgrade ever. If your phone camera is important to you, this is a phone you won't want to miss. It features a triple-lens rear camera, including telephoto, wide and ultra-wide lenses.

iPhoneProviderContractDataUpfront costMonthly CostTotal Cost
iPhone 13 ProVirgin Mobile242£0.00£49.00£1,176.00
iPhone 13 ProVirgin Mobile243£0.00£50.00£1,200.00
iPhone 13 ProVirgin Mobile245£0.00£51.00£1,224.00
iPhone 13 ProVirgin Mobile362£0.00£35.00£1,260.00
iPhone 13 ProVirgin Mobile2410£0.00£53.00£1,272.00
iPhone 13 ProVirgin Mobile363£0.00£36.00£1,296.00
iPhone 13 ProVirgin Mobile2412£0.00£54.00£1,296.00
iPhone 13 ProThree241£69.00£51.63£1,308.12
iPhone 13 ProVirgin Mobile2430£0.00£55.00£1,320.00
iPhone 13 ProiD MOBILE2420£49.00£52.99£1,320.76
iPhone 13 ProVirgin Mobile365£0.00£37.00£1,332.00
iPhone 13 ProVirgin Mobile2416£0.00£56.00£1,344.00
iPhone 13 ProVirgin Mobile2414£0.00£56.00£1,344.00
iPhone 13 ProiD MOBILE2450£49.00£53.99£1,344.76

iPhone 13 Pro Max


The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the top of the line from Apple's latest range. If you want the newest iPhone with the best features, this is the phone for you.

The Pro Max features an upgraded camera, Super Retina XDR display, and a lightening-fast A15 bionic chip, and is 6.7 inches.

iPhoneProviderContractDataUpfront costMonthly CostTotal Cost
iPhone 13 Pro MaxThree241£89.00£48.00£1,241.00
iPhone 13 Pro MaxiD MOBILE2420£99.00£50.99£1,322.76
iPhone 13 Pro MaxiD MOBILE2450£99.00£51.99£1,346.76
iPhone 13 Pro MaxiD MOBILE24100£99.00£52.99£1,370.76
iPhone 13 Pro MaxiD MOBILE24Unlimited£99.00£53.99£1,394.76
iPhone 13 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile242£0.00£61.00£1,464.00
iPhone 13 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile243£0.00£62.00£1,488.00
iPhone 13 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile245£0.00£63.00£1,512.00
iPhone 13 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile2412£0.00£64.00£1,536.00
iPhone 13 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile362£0.00£43.00£1,548.00
iPhone 13 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile2410£0.00£65.00£1,560.00
iPhone 13 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile363£0.00£44.00£1,584.00
iPhone 13 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile2412£0.00£66.00£1,584.00
iPhone 13 Pro MaxVirgin Mobile2430£0.00£67.00£1,608.00

When is the next iPhone coming out?


Apple released another four iPhone models in the Autumn of 2021. These models are of a similar structure to the iPhone 12 - one standard, one Mini, one Pro and one Pro Max. 

The iPhone 13 has a Super Retina XDR display, and the Pro models feature the biggest camera upgrade Apple have ever released.

If you have been waiting to buy an iPhone 12, until the iPhone 13 was released, now's your chance. You might be able to bag a very cheap deal! 

What is the cheapest iPhone at the moment?


The cheapest iPhone available at the moment is the iPhone SE. The budget SE has all of the features and specifications of an iPhone 11 but in a smaller, more compact size. 

It packs a mighty punch with a 4.7” Retina HD display, the same chip as an iPhone 11, a fantastic camera and more.

If you want an iPhone on a budget, we cannot recommend the iPhone SE enough, starting at £399. 

Yes, older iPhone models might be cheaper but for the best-value smartphone, the iPhone SE wins by a mile. 

Which iPhone should I buy?


Still unsure on which iPhone you should buy? We’ve outlined who the most popular iPhone models are best suited for: 

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max - for people who want the top of the line, and latest phone from Apple. For people who want a professional camera with three lens, and a bigger phone.
  • iPhone 13 Pro - for someone who wants an upgraded camera, and the most recent release from Apple.
  • iPhone 13 - for people who want the latest iPhone, at a more reasonable price.
  • iPhone 13 Mini - you want the newest iPhone but you're on a budget. For someone who wants a smaller phone they can fit in their hand easily.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max - for people who want a bigger iPhone and don't want to pay the price of an iPhone 13. For people who want to take professional photos.
  • iPhone 12 Pro - for someone who wants a good camera and who doesn't want to pay for the latest release.
  • iPhone 12 - you want an iPhone with all the features at a more affordable price.
  • iPhone 12 Mini - you want a high-spec iPhone but you're on a budget. For someone who wants a smaller phone to fit easily in their hand.
  • iPhone SE - for someone who wants a new iPhone with the specs of an iPhone 11 at an affordable price. You’re happy with having a smaller phone. 
  • iPhone 11 Pro - you want a phone that takes great pictures and want a step up from the standard iPhone 11.
  • iPhone XR - for someone who’s looking for a mid-range iPhone and doesn’t mind missing out on some of the latest features. For someone who doesn’t mind a large smartphone. 
  • iPhone XS - perfect if you’re looking for a great iPhone at an affordable price. If you take a lot of pictures and want a phone with an excellent camera. 

iPhone vs. Android: Which should I get?


One of the oldest arguments is whether you’re an Apple or an Android user. Apple users swear that Android is inferior. Whilst Android users believe Apple is overpriced.

So, which is the better option for you? Let’s take a look…

Why iPhone is better than Android

  • Apple’s ecosystem - if you own a Mac, iPad or Apple Watch, it only makes sense to get an iPhone. Apple makes it so easy to seamlessly work between its devices. Android doesn’t offer the same level of continuity. 
  • Third-party apps are better - iOS developers tend to deliver better apps than the Android counterparts. This could be down to user experience but a lot of brilliant apps are iOS exclusive. 
  • Huge selection of accessories - Apple has so many accessories available for its iPhones. Android phones don’t get the same level of attention and it can be hard finding phone cases and car mounts for other Android devices.
  • More software updates - Android phones receive fewer updates than iPhones do. Whether you receive an update on Android depends on what type of phone you have and who the manufacturer is.
  • Apple Store - iPhones have far superior retail support. If you have any issues with your phone and need an expert to look at it or repair it, you can go to your local Apple Store and get it fixed the same day. With Android, you’ll have to ship it back to the manufacturer, taking far longer. 
  • Much better security - Apple strictly monitors which apps are allowed on the App Store. Apps that have malware are instantly banned. The Google Play store doesn’t have as strict control. Studies have shown that malware tends to attack Android phones much easier than Apple. 
  • Resale value - old iPhones sell for more money than old Android devices do. This could be because iPhones are more expensive in the first place but it does mean that you can make some money by selling when you upgrade. 

Why Android is better than iPhone

  • More affordable - Android offers a much more affordable range of phones with a smartphone for every budget. Apple tends to only offer iPhones at the higher price range which means they aren’t affordable for everyone. 
  • Customizable - Android devices allow users to customise and personalise their experience. Different downloadable widgets and the ability to download third-party replacements means that Android wins on the customisation.
  • More storage - many Android phones have a microSD slot which allows users to store images, videos, music and more without filling up the internal phone storage. iPhones don’t have this option and charge huge amounts of money for phones with larger storage. 
  • USB-C - Android phones tend to all use a USB-C port for charging and data transfer. USB-C cables are used in many other devices, meaning you won’t have to carry around loads of chargers. 
  • Google Assistant - Android’s Google Assistant is leading the way with artificial intelligence. Google Assistant makes your life easier by having access to Google, meaning it has access to all the information you need. For example, if you have a meeting at 10am and the traffic is bad, Google Assistant will remind you to leave early. Whereas, Apple’s answer is Siri which is much more basic. 
  • Battery - the wide variety of Android phones means that there are some with fantastic battery life. Androids also give users the option to change the battery to a better one if they wish.

Verdict - iPhone vs. Android

As we’ve demonstrated above, the iPhone wins on some things whilst Android wins on others. There’s no final winner as it depends on what you value most as a user. 

For example, if you’re a fan of convenience and simplicity, then the iPhone is the better choice. This is because it's the most popular brand of smartphone and there’s support everywhere you look.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who enjoys the freedom to choose hardware, software and personalize their experience, then Android is the right choice. 

Both the iPhone and Android are the best choice for different reasons. So, it's really up to the individual to decide what’s the best choice for their needs. 

iPhone golden rules

Planning on getting an iPhone? Read our golden rules to bag the best deal and find out what you need to watch out for…

Rule #1 - Compare the cheapest ways of buying 


Always check whether it’s cheaper to take an iPhone out on a contract or buy it outright.

Buying an iPhone outright and pairing it with a SIM-only deal usually works out cheaper. 

With iPhone Payments, you can spread the cost of buying an iPhone outright in 20 interest-free payments. This can make buying outright an affordable option for many. 

You could even consider a refurbished iPhone which will be much more affordable if buying a brand-new phone outright is too expensive.

If you decide to take an iPhone out on a contract, take the time to compare our best contract deals at the start of this guide. 

Rule #2 - Be realistic about how much storage you need


iPhone models all have different storage options, usually, these are 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.

Generally, 64GB can hold 2,000 apps, 1,600 albums or 20 HD films. This is enough for some users.

iPhones don’t have memory card slots so you won’t be able to increase your storage. Having said this, it’s important not to overestimate how much storage you need to play it safe. You can pay up to £200 each time you move up a storage size, so stick to 64GB if it’s enough for you!

Rule #3 - Backup your iPhone for free using the Cloud


Imagine losing all of your data, photos and contacts - it would be awful, wouldn’t it? 

You don’t want to risk this happening so make sure that you backup your iPhone on the iCloud. The iCloud stores your data on Apple’s servers which frees up space on your phone and makes sure that you can’t lose your valuable phone content. 

You can set up your iPhone to automatically backup to the iCloud every day, so you can rest assured that your data is safe.


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