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Pret a Manger Perks & Club Pret: How Does It Work?

If you go to Pret, it’s worth exploring their loyalty schemes to see if you can save money on your food and drink. Pret has two programmes: Pret Perks and Club Pret. In this guide we’ll break down each scheme, explain how to join them, and compare them with other coffee shop loyalty programmes. Keep reading to see how to get free Pret coffee.

What is Pret Perks?


Pret Perks is Pret a Manger's rewards scheme. If you go to Pret a Manger at all, it’s worth becoming a Pret Perks member.

As a member, every time you buy something at Pret or order something online, you’ll earn a star. When you have ten stars, you’ll get a reward.

The nice thing about Pret Perks is that you can choose your reward. Typically this is a freebie, and you’ll get a choice of items.

How to earn more Pret Stars?


You need ten stars to earn a freebie, and you’ll get your first one just for signing up! You’ll also earn a Pret Star every time you spend money at Pret and scan your QR Code. You can find this in your Wallet in the Pret App.

You can earn more stars by becoming a member of Club Pret. We’ll explain later in the guide exactly what Club Pret is. 

Club Pret members will get an extra star every time they renew their subscription, and everytime they buy food with their barista-made drink.

How to join Pret Perks

You can join Pret Perks either on their website or in the Pret app.

You’ll need to sign up with your email address, and fill in some personal details.

Once you’ve verified your mobile number you can start earning stars, and you’ll even get one just for signing up!

To earn Pret Stars on your spending, you’ll need to download the Pret app. You can do so from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be able to view how many stars you’ve earned, and you’ll also find your QR code. You’ll need to scan this every time you make a purchase to get the Star. 

What is Club Pret?


Club Pret is Pret’s subscription service. You sign up and pay £30 a month and in return you can get five barista-made drinks a day for free. You’ll also get 10% off any food you buy.

Club Pret used to be £20 per month, which was excellent value for money. It increased to £25 and is now £30, so whether or not it’s good value will depend on your habits. If you work near a Pret and drink a lot of coffee/iced drinks, it could well be. 

Working out how many drinks you’d need to get free a week to make it worthwhile is tricky, as it would depend on the drinks you get and which Pret you’re visiting, as prices vary.

Let’s take a cappuccino as an example. If you buy one cappuccino from Pret every day for a week, it would cost you £22.05. With Club Pret, you’re paying around £6.93 a week. So you end up saving £15.12, and that’s with you only getting one out of your five free drinks.

Pret has a calculator on their Club Pret page you can use to help you work out whether or not it’s worth subscribing.

I recommend giving it a go if you live close enough to a Pret. You can get 50% off your first month, and then if you don’t find yourself using it, just cancel at the end. For only £15 for the first month, I think it’s worth a go.

How does Pret Perks compare?


Pret Club is unique when it comes to coffee shop schemes. Popular chains such as Starbucks and Costa don’t offer anything similar in terms of a subscription service. However, they do offer their own rewards programmes, similar to Pret Perks.

Starbucks has Starbucks Rewards, and you read our guide on it here.

Costa has Costa Club, and you can read our guide on it here.

Now, if you have a favourite when it comes to which does the best coffee, it’s worth going with that one. 

However, if you’re looking for the one that offers the best rewards, we’ve done a comparison.

I compared them by seeing how much money you would need to spend before you earn a freebie. Now, there are ways with all three schemes to earn more points. But this comparison will focus solely on money you need to spend. For each we’ve calculated based on the cheapest coffee available.

Coffee ShopPriceTotal Money SpentFreebie
Pret Perks£1.70 for a filter coffee£17Buy 10 coffees, get a freebie
Pret Perks (reusable cup)£1.70 for a filter coffee£1250p discount if you get your coffee in a reusable cup
Costa Club£3.20 for a flat black coffee£25.60Buy 8 coffees, get a free drink
Costa Club (reusable cup)£3.20 for a flat black coffee£12.80Buy 4 coffees with a reusable cup, get a free drink
Starbucks Rewards£3.80 for an Americano£50Earn 150 points, get a free coffee
McCafe £1.49 for a regular black coffee£7.45Buy 5 hot drinks, get a free coffee
Caffe Nero£3.20 for a regular Americano£28.80Buy 9 coffees, get one free
Caffe Nero (reusable cup)£3.20 for a regular Americano£16Get double points when you get your coffee in a reusable cup
Source: The Mirror ‘Loyalty Card Scheme Comparison’ 2023


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