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Costa Rewards: How To Get Free Coffee, Fast

Costa Club is the name of Costa Coffee’s rewards programme. It requires the Costa app which you scan in-store via a QR code. You earn ‘beans’ with each order and get free hot drinks as rewards.

NameCosta Club
What do you collect?Beans
What's the reward?Free hot drink
How many are required?10

How does Costa Club work?

Image: Costa

You need to download the Costa app (Android, iOS). When you register use the Costa reward code J6GW8 to get 5 free beans.

Each time you order in Costa you need to open the app and scan your personal QR code. For each hot drink you buy, you will receive a 'bean'.

You need to buy 10* hot drinks to earn one free drink in-store (see below on how to get this down to 5).

When you have enough 'beans' for a free drink you can either add it via the app and next time you scan the QR code the discount will be applied, or generally, Costa staff will prompt you to use it asking, "You have enough for a free drink, would you like to use it?"

It does not matter the size of the hot drink you order. You will receive one bean (or two with the tip below) whether you order a small, medium, or large.

When you claim your free Costa reward, order a large size! However, if you order more than one only the smallest will be given for free.

How to Get 5 Free Costa Beans

If you are a new Costa Club member you can get a bonus of 5 beans when you sign up using a reward code. The Latest Deals reward code is J6GW8.

This means you already have 5 out of the 10 beans required for a free Costa hot drink in-store.

How to Get Double Beans Each Time You Order

You can receive two beans instead of one each time you order if you bring your own cup.

This is an environmental initiative from Costa. By bringing your own cup you save on a takeaway cup and them washing up their own cup if to have in.

You receive one normal 'bean' and one bonus 'green bean':

Image: Costa App

Above you can see normal 'beans' and a 'green bean'.

*This means if you order 5 drinks with your own cup you will earn enough for a free drink.

See deals for cheap Thermos mugs here.

What other coffee shops offer rewards if you bring your own cup?

  • Cafe Nero - bonus stamp
  • Starbucks - Rewards members get bonus 25 stars in addition to the existing 10% discount.

How to Get Free Costa Coffee Without Buying Anything

It is possible to earn free Costa hot drinks without buying anything at all.

This can be done with their refer-a-friend scheme. First, if you sign up with a code, such as J6GW8 you get 5 bonus beans.

Then, head to settings > invite your friends and you will find your own code that you can share with others. For each friend you recommend you earn 5 beans.

So if you signed up with a code and invite just one friend, you have enough for a free hot drink without spending anything at all!

How to Get Free Cake on Your Birthday with Costa Club Rewards

Image: Costa

In the Costa app, head to settings and input your date of birth.

Then, every year on your birthday you will receive a free sweet treat. I have found it can be anything from the counter including cake, muffins, and pastries.

Note - you can set your birthday to any date you like. This is a great Costa reward.

What Other Costa Club Rewards Are There?


Friday Freebies

On select Fridays - and more commonly in the Summer - Costa offers extra rewards and vouchers. The most common is to buy a drink and get a free voucher for another one.

For example, buy a Costa Iced Frappucino, and you get a voucher in the app to get another one for free the following week.

Other rewards also become available throughout the year. These tend to be time limited.

Quick Tip to Save Even More at Costa Coffee

I saw a man do this once and realised it was a super smart way to save money:

He ordered a latte (in his own cup for double beans), sat down and then rummaging through his bag brought out a handful of small flavoured Monin sugar syrups. He chose one and poured it in his coffee.

You can buy small 5cl bottles of Monin sugar syrups (see deals here) and then use them to make your own flavoured coffees. It's the exact same brand and method for many of the flavoured coffees Costa makes, and costs a fraction of the price.

Image: Amazon

Notes from Tom

Costa Club has changed a lot since 2018, for the better, and I like to think I may have had something to do with it.

Previously, Costa's reward scheme was done with points. And customers earned 5 points for every £1 spent. Long story short, you were required to purchase 26 drinks before you got a free one!

I campaigned in the national media to reveal this, and at the time Caffè Nero was the best reward scheme. About a year later, Costa scrapped points and launched Costa Club more or less as we find it today.

Costa has changed from one of my least favourite coffee shop reward schemes to one of my favourites. It still doesn't quite beat MyWaitrose's free coffee with any purchase (no minimum spend required... hello 1p mushroom!), but it's a close second.

Please note if you sign up to Costa Club with the rewards code J6GW8 you will receive 5 free beans, and Latest Deals will get 5 free beans too.

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I really like this I think am interested


In a few days time it goes from 8 beans needed for a free drink to 10.


Its now 10 beans for a free drink and although Costa FB customer services says you SHOULD get a green bean with a reuseable cup on cold drinks, I've only been given it once 😞


ClaireGibs44197 Thank you, yes it's changing on August 1st 2023. I've updated the guide now though, thank you!

Yes, I've found that when bringing your own resuable cup, I have to ask each time, "Please may you use my cup for the extra app reward?" this usually reminds them at the counter.

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