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Aldi Starts Christmas Hamper War with Fortnum & Mason

December 1, 2017, 5:00 PM
Aldi has launched it’s own version of the luxury hamper for £125 less, but it won't be as full.
Aldi has launched their own Christmas hamper, based on departmeny store Fortnum and Mason’s famous ones. Image: LatestDeals.co.uk

Discount supermarket Aldi has brought out a Christmas hamper this year, with a strong resemblance to high end store Fortnum and Mason’s hampers, even including the same aqua-blue packaging.

Aldi’s version costs £99.99, whereas if you want Fortnum and Mason’s hamper, it’ll set you back £225.

The Aldi hamper has twelve items, including mince pies, panettone, vintage Champagne, and fine wines.

Julie Ashfield, Aldi’s managing director of corporate buying, said “Luxury festive hampers have often been thought of as synonymous with Fortnum and Mason, however we want to highlight the equal level of quality is available at Aldi.”

Aldi’s hamper is less full than Fortnum’s version, with only twelve items compared to seventeen.

Fortnum’s chief executive, Ewan Venters, revealed that every time Aldi copies the department store’s products, the sales in store shoot up.

He said, “When Aldi chose the colours for it’s new range, it generated business for us and our sales rose.

“I should really write to the board of directors at Aldi and thank them.”

Fortnum’s hamper is more than double the price, and includes two bottles of wine, one bottle of Champagne, high end chocolates, biscuits, tea, coffee, and a Christmas pudding.

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