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Boots Store Closures: A Blow to UK Shoppers


Attention all savvy shoppers and deal hunters! We're witnessing a major shake-up on our High Streets, and it's affecting one of our beloved staples: Boots. Known for its healthcare and beauty products, Boots is facing a challenging time, and it's not just their bottom line that's feeling the pinch – it's ours too!

In a move that's sent waves through social media platforms, particularly X (formerly Twitter), Boots has announced the closure of several stores, including their Mount Pleasant branch in Exeter and an outlet in Mudge Way, Plymouth. The closures are part of a broader plan to reduce the retailer’s total shops from 2,200 to 1,900. This strategy has already seen more than a dozen shops close across the country, including in Manchester, London, and Woking, with more earmarked for closure in December and the New Year.

Well, it's more than just losing a convenient spot to pick up our essentials. The closures are having a ripple effect on local communities. With each store shuttering, we're seeing a reduction in easy access to pharmacy services and healthcare products – a crucial issue, especially in smaller towns.

Louis Regan at The Sun reported the reaction of the public, with many expressing concern over the reduced access to pharmacy services. One user on X pointed out the potential strain on remaining pharmacies, especially in areas where Boots was the primary provider.

Image: Yahoo
Image: Yahoo

Now, let's talk numbers and impact. The British Retail Consortium has revealed a staggering figure: 6,000 retail outlets have closed in the last five years. The reasons are A mix of "crippling" business rates and the aftermath of Covid lockdowns. And it's not just Boots feeling the heat. Other well-known brands like Cath Kidston, Wilko, and Paperchase have entered administration this year, while chains like Sainsbury’s and New Look have had to shut branches too.

In their quarterly results, Boots mentioned evolving their store estate to focus investment more acutely in individual stores, aiming for an "excellent and reliable service in a fresh and up to date environment." This might be a strategic move for Boots, but it's leaving many of us wondering where to turn next for our health and beauty needs.

Tom Church, Co-Founder of shopping community LatestDeals.co.uk, summed it up: "The closures of Boots stores across the UK mark a significant shift in the retail landscape. While this is a strategic move for Boots, it reflects the changing dynamics of retail and the challenges facing brick-and-mortar stores in the digital age."

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Near where I live there were two small Boots the chemists and they decided to close one down and merge the staff into the other branch. They decided not to move the stock from the shelves, only to move the pharmacy medication / prescriptions. They reduced all the vitamins, baby food, nappies, hair dyes etc.

I saved quite a bit as the hair dyes were only 50p each. So it might be worth taking a look if there's a Boots closure is near you. Hope this will help any members on Latest Deals.


so what is the 'business' ultimate aim? to close the high street? for everyone to go shopping at these giant retail stores? Complanies like Boots that have been around for decades, an modernising along the way are just cast aside beause they can not cope with rising rents, not able to keep up with the line shopping peak that we are seeing- we've seen village stores disappear, we are seeing the disablement of high street stores in our towns- so we all are herded to the giant retail parks- no wander our roads can't cope, no wonder there is more crime on the streets in our unoccupied high streets. Can the government work towards keeping the high street open, keeping the sense of community running or is there another agenda here?

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