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Cheapest Tricks For iPhone X Revealed - But Is it Worth It?

November 13, 2017, 11:00 AM
Savvy bargain hunters have revealed the cheapest tricks to get the new Apple iPhone X. From extra long 36-month contracts to buying the phone from the USA.
Apple's iPhone X is a whopping £999. Bargain hunters reveal secret tricks to get it cheaper - but is it worth it?

But is it worth it? Discussions online reveal deep differences. Many complain the starting price of £999 is too expensive. Others say Apple’s innovation and new features are worth paying for. We speak with both sides and share their story.

What is the cheapest way to get the Apple iPhone X?

Buy upfront for the cheapest total cost

If you can afford it, buying the Apple iPhone X for £999 upfront and using a SIM-only contract is the cheapest overall way to get the phone.

Some of the cheapest SIM-only contracts are:

With the cheapest SIM-only contract, the total cost of the iPhone X for 12 months would be £1,071.

Use extra long contracts for cheaper monthly payments

Longer contracts help you get an iPhone X for less in terms of monthly payments. In some cases there are no initial costs.

Virgin Media is offering a £37 per month plan for 36 months. The total cost is £1,332. This is £333 more expensive than buying the phone upfront and using a SIM-only contract.

Apple’s other latest release, the iPhone 8, also follows this trend of having cheap long term contracts, which can be as little as £29 a month with no up front costs.

It may be cheaper to buy from the US

Some bargain hunters use a cheaper, but more complicated method, of buying the iPhone X in the US and using a shipping website to have it delivered to the UK.

The phone retails from $999 USD, which is approximately £760, a huge reduction from the UK price.

Websites, such as Reship, will allow you to order the phone to a US address and then send it to the UK.

Prices for this begin from $23, which makes the SIM-free total cost of the phone $1,021 USD, or approximately £777, a massive difference from the UK price.

However, all may not be as it seems. American retailers do not display sales tax, and you may have to pay VAT of 20% when it arrives in the UK.

Plus, the iPhone X’s warranty will be tied to the USA. If you need to return the item, you may experience difficulty and additional costs.

Spread the cost with Apple financing (interest free)

Apple has also set up a monthly installment scheme for those who cannot afford the initial cost of the iPhone X, but want to buy it without a contract.

This allows you to buy the phone for the standard price, but with a small upfront cost, and the rest in 20 monthly installments.

The initial cost is £69 for the 64GB make, and then installments of £46.50 a month, whereas the 256GB model has the same initial payment but £54 monthly installments.

Because Apple has not put interest rates on the installments, the total cost of the phones will be the same as buying them upfront.

This is available on Apple Financing.

Avoid short term contracts

Shorter term contracts are the most expensive means of getting high end smartphones, including the iPhone X.

24 month long contracts for the Apple product can be up to a huge £82.99 a month from EE, plus an initial £9 fee.

This makes the total cost of the phone and contract £2,001, which is over double the cost of the phone upfront.

Is it worth it though?

People who have already got their hands on the iPhone X have doubts over whether it is worth almost £1,000.

Sai Kishore Bejugam said, “I bought the iPhone. Though it is a great product, I’m not sure if it is worth the money.”

iPhone fans camp outside the Apple store on Regent Street, London

Others are happy with the phone and don’t have a problem with the cost.

Sadie Baile-Roberts said, “I’ve got it and love it! I went for a low cost per month and a high cost upfront for the phone, so the overall cost for the contract is lower than one with no first payment.”

Buddy Farms said, “I have it and I think it’s great value. I’m already used to the new features like not having a home button. I bought it outright and have now just got a Sim-only deal, which is a lot cheaper than getting it with a contract.”

The “most breakable phone ever”

Although Apple has said the phone has the “most durable glass ever in a smartphone”, critics have labeled it as “the most breakable phone ever” (source: Telegraph ).

This is due to the front and back of the phone being made of glass.

The huge risk of breaking the phone has made many feel that it isn’t worth the money, as repairs are approximately £280.

Eilís Ni Coamhánach, a member of the Latest Deals Facebook group, said, “For the money to purchase one, or even get one on contract, there is too much wrong with it. It's the most breakable phone yet with the glass back and front.

“The stability of the front screen is already compromised with no home button, but the new OLED screen has issue with colour being asked at an angle and previous images being temporarily burnt in.

“On top of that it's ridiculously expensive now to get a screen fixed.

“Speaking of cost they're being extremely cheeky charging £999 when they sell for $999!”

Sophie Oscar, who paid for one of the phones, said, “I got it and it broke within a matter of hours. It wouldn't charge so I took it back and they offered me a new one. I got it set up in the shop, and afterwards it slipped out of my hand and shattered. I don’t know how it shattered as it was only about 30cm above the table. Worst decision of my life”.

The iPhone X has been called the "most breakable phone ever"

Chris David Shaw said, “One of my friends bought it on release, dropped it from knee height and both front and back has cracked. It makes the phone little more than a paper weight. Also from what use she did get out of it, she said there are other phones with the same functionality at a fraction of the cost”.

Others feel like it is worth the high cost, and willing to take the risk of the screen breaking.

Rachel Louise Orwell said, “Personally, yes I think it’s worth the price tag. The phone is really nice and I love having the newest phone. My phone is the 7plus and the new phone is something I would love to have. It might be “more breakable” because of the glass on both sides, but it’s the sturdiest model of iPhone and the glass is very strong. There’s always a risk of breaking with iPhones, but if you buy Applecare it’s only £25 to get a new screen.”

Jessi Dimmock also thinks the phone is worth it, saying, “It’s not fragile- the media like to hype up anything to do with Apple these days. With a decent case you’ll be fine. Although I would recommend AppleCare+, as the repair costs are expensive if you do smash it and don’t have AppleCare. The phone itself is magnificent- the screen awesome and the camera amazing. But it is expensive. If you can’t afford it, the 8Plus a great second option.”

SquareTrade did a 'breakability test' on the phone, to see what happens to it under various conditions:


Bad Apple?

Some have also been put off by previous experiences with Apple as a brand, rather than the phone itself.

Matthew Hodgson said, “I had an iPhone years ago and absolutely hated it - you're so restricted with Apple it's unbelievable, and the high price tag is never worth it.”

Caz Louise was put off the phone after speaking to an Apple salesman. She said, “I went to have a play with it and to be honest I really wasn't impressed. The sales guy also said that he wouldn't get one. Don't need to be told twice! Bye Apple!”

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