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Christmas Cheer or Fear? Meet the Parents Saying NO to Christmas

December 7, 2017, 3:00 PM
  • 1 in 10 Brits want to cancel Christmas altogether
  • Meet the parents saying 'no'
  • For some, the happiest part of Christmas is when it’s all over
  • Is Christmas shopping to blame?
Parents are finding the festive period more stressful than ever. Image: Getty

People have been getting so stressed over Christmas this year, that many want to cancel it or escape the festive frenzy.

Research from Klarna, an e-commerce company, show 1 in 10 wanted to cancel Christmas this year because they end up so exhausted and stressed out when the day arrives.

Another 1 in 12 are planning on going on holiday at Christmas to avoid the stress, and 1 in 6 wish that they could follow suit.

For 21%, their favourite part of Christmas is when it is all over on Boxing Day, as they are frazzled by the festive season.

The research found that the main cause for this was Christmas shopping, which gets more frantic and stressful each year.

Brits visit an average of seven online retailers and eleven high street shops, with the total time spent on shopping for presents being over seven hours.

Huge crowds in stores and shopping centre, and the struggle to find the perfect gift, are the main culprits behind the stress of Christmas shopping, as well as the shopping period stretching out longer this year, starting with Black Friday.

Some savvy shoppers have decided to avoid some of the stress this year, by not getting presents for their young children.

It’s been suggested that this year, some parents have been pressured by their friends and family to overspend on their children at Christmas, so avoiding buying presents for young children is one way to avoid this.

Kerri McCollin, a member of the Latest Deals community, said, “My sister asked me recently what my 22 month old would like for Christmas. I replied, ‘He currently believe his Great Grandma’s name is Birthday, I’m fairly certain he’s not going to notice if he doesn’t get a single present on Christmas Day’.

“I’ll be putting money aside for his future until he has any concept of what it’s all about. He’ll have a few token, second hand, items just for the satisfaction of watching him rip paper off of something.”

Some parents won’t be buying presents for their young kids this year. Image: Getty

Many parents have agreed with this statement and said that they will be following suit.

Will Armstrong said, “I wholeheartedly agree with not getting presents for young children, why waste money on more tat that won’t get played with or used?

“I put money aside to save for my kids, as you never know what the future holds.

“I’ve been saving since my 20 month old was born, with the intention of buying a flat for her one day. It’s far more valuable that the latest plastic crap from Taiwan.”

Carolin Clearly also agreed, saying, “If you ask any person what they got for Christmas when they were a baby, they won’t be able to tell you.

“It’s all for the parents self gratification or to impress friends or relatives, babies will be happy playing with paper or boxes, they don’t understand the concept of Christmas or presents.”

However, others felt that children should always get something at Christmas, even if they may not appreciate it at the time.

Selena Cooper said, “I certainly could not give my child, no matter what age, a second hand toy.

“I love Christmas, it’s the one time of the year all my family get together, so yes I will spoil all my children and my grandsons who are 22 months and 4 months.

“For me Christmas is about making memories, and that includes giving young ones presents.”

Other parents are happy to spend on their kids.

Hollie Wormald said, “Each to their own but I will always spoil my child at Christmas, whether he’s 5 months or 20 years old.

“He may not remember, but I always will.

“We save from January to December to buy Christmas presents for the family, and the photos and memories justify that.

“If other people don’t want to do it, that’s fine, but we work hard and love to spoil our family at Christmas, and that’s fine too.”

Latest Deals have helped bargain hunters cut down on stress, by finding the cheapest ways to get your Christmas dinner, and the best value supermarket wines.

Do you want to cancel Christmas this year? Let us know in the comments!

jademo3over a year ago

I love christmas I don’t mind if I don’t get any prezzies but I do tend to spoil my kids. My 23 month old knows who Santa is and gets really excited when he see the decorations and the trees. He will happily sit and watch all the xmas movies. I dont get my youngest as much as I get my older girls because he’s not into as much as them. He loves batman and Spider-Man. He also loves toy story so there’s only so much you can get him for his age range. I love seeing the kids faces once Santa has been I get so emotional, looking back in photos and videos is amazing. 🎅🏻😘

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