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Which Supermarket is Cheapest for Christmas Dinner? (Top 7)

December 1, 2017, 9:00 AM
  • Supermarkets are fighting hard to win Christmas spend
  • Discounters Lidl and Aldi crowned cheapest for dinner
  • Iceland gives 10% discount to NHS, Fire and Emergency Services
  • And we reveal tricks to get Christmas dinner for less
Get a Christmas feast for less with our money saving tips. Image: Getty

Christmas dinner is more expensive at nearly all the supermarkets compared to last year.

We look at where you can save the most money starting with discount retailers Lidl and Aldi, plus reveal tips and tricks from bargain hunters.

Which Supermarket is Cheapest for Christmas?

The average price of Christmas dinner from each of the supermarkets. Image: LatestDeals.co.uk

The cheapest supermarket to get all your shopping from this year is Lidl.

A study by The Good Housekeeping Institute compared the prices for a standard Christmas dinner: turkey, potatoes, stuffing, sprouts, parsnips, carrots, cranberry sauce, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, brandy butter, and mince pies.

Lidl was crowned cheapest of the lot at just £25.53, feeding a family of eight.

Aldi is a close second to Lidl, costing only pennies more. Your Christmas basket there will only cost £25.68.

The savings supermarkets show that you don’t need to sleigh your budget to have a feast this Christmas.

The most expensive supermarket to do your Christmas shopping at is Waitrose. The high end store was almost £20 more expensive for the same products as Lidl, costing a total of £41.47.

Here’s how the top ten supermarkets compare:

  1. Lidl, £25.53
  2. Aldi, £25.68
  3. Iceland, £28.12
  4. Tesco, £28.48
  5. Asda, £31.17
  6. Co-op, £33.48
  7. Morrisons, £36.23
  8. Sainsbury’s, £36.59
  9. M&S, £38.43
  10. Waitrose, £41.47

But, you may be able to save even more money. I reached out to our Latest Deals community on the Facebook Group and asked what your bargain hunting tips were for a cheap Christmas dinner.

Iceland 10% Discount for Emergency Services

If you work for the NHS, Police, Fire, or other emergency services (including HM Forces), you can get an extra 10% off your shopping this Christmas at Iceland.

This means that you could get your Christmas basket for just £25.31 if you shop there. Read more details here.

Save Money By Shopping at Multiple Supermarkets

Do your shopping at different supermarkets and you can save even more money this Christmas.

Earlier in the year, bargain hunter Tom Church revealed he shops at seven supermarkets and families can save up to £150 a month if they did the same.

Buying your festive feast in parts from separate stores will save you more, although thanks to the rise in the cost of living, you’ll still be spending 19% more than you did last year on the same products.

Good Housekeeping found if you get your Christmas ingredients from different stores this year, the cheapest cost will be £23.54.

Turkeys are the most expensive part of the meal, but savvy shoppers can get one for less than £9 if they shop at Aldi or Lidl. Plus, you many families opt for chicken or gammon instead, which may be cheaper.

Save with Wonky Veg

Buying ‘wonky veg’ from supermarkets will save on your spending, as these are cheaper than traditional vegetables; wonky carrots from Morrisons cost just 35p!

Getting loose items rather than pre-packed veg will also save you money, and you can get the exact amount that you need.

Shopping in the evening can also be a great way to save thanks to reduced prices.

Savvy shopper Emma Davis said, “I go round supermarkets in the evening when they’ve reduced stock, you can get meat for less than a pound and put it in the freezer.

“It can last months, I’ve got a duck, turkey, and beef joint all for £1 each!”

Take a Risk and Buy It All on Christmas Eve

Tom Church buys reduced-to-clear champagne for Christmas (Image: LatestDeals.co.uk)

A risky tactic is to wait until the last minute to buy your Christmas dinner. Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk said,

“Christmas Day and Boxing Day are bank holidays. This means the supermarkets are closed for two days. On Christmas Eve, they have to clear all stock that will go out of date in the next 48 hours. This means there’s double the amount of yellow reduced-to-clear stickers.

“And, because it’s Christmas time, there’s always leftover unsold turkey, gammon and other goodies. Last year I saw them reduced to a couple of pounds.”

Have a Late Christmas Dinner

If you’re happy to wait a while for your Christmas feast, shoppers can save money by getting the items after Christmas.

Food items are much cheaper after Christmas (as no one’s buying them anymore) and you can swoop in with the lower prices.

Of course, it depends if everyone at home is willing to go without for a few days!

Save Loyalty Points and Use All at Christmas

Planning ahead to save up on points cards can make your Christmas shopping cheaper.

One bargain hunter, Rachel Louise Orwell, said, “I save up all my Sainsbury’s Nectar points throughout the year, and then spend all my points on the food, turkey, etc! Last year I had £90 in points, and this year I have £70 so far, so I’m almost there!

“They also do promotions through the year, like one where I got quadruple points all month, so definitely keep an eye out for those!”

Wendy Moss said, “I save up with my local butcher, I spend about £10 a month there and get points when I do, he also gives extra points every couple of months. I’ve got 150 points on my card to spend at Christmas this year.”

Save on Stress

If you’re not looking to save money, but to have a stress-free Christmas instead, you can shop around to find some great offers.

This year, Co-Op is selling a Christmas dinner box, that only costs £12, and promises to be a speedy hack for an easy Christmas dinner.

Co-op’s Christmas box will be a festive game changer. Image: Co-op

It includes a British turkey breast wrapped in streaky bacon, pigs in blankets, stuffing, gravy, and a cranberry compote, and just takes 50 minutes to cook.

You’ll need to pick up some veg for it, but supermarkets like Lidl have carrots, parsnips, and potatoes prepared and ready to go in the oven, from as little as £1.39.

For more Christmas food bargains see what other deal hunters are sharing in the community.

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