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Danielle Green Reveals Savvy Trick for £1 Christmas Toys

September 24, 2019, 8:30 AM
Mum Reveals Savvy Trick for £1 Christmas Toys
  • Danielle Green, 26 from Buckinghamshire, shows how she got 75 Christmas toys for just £105 (that's just £1.40 each, including delivery)
  • Woman reveals the trick to buy your kids Christmas presents from just £1
  • Perfect ideas for stocking fillers on the cheap

Making Christmas special for children can be an expensive undertaking, but one savvy mum has bought her children 75 Christmas gifts for just £105, some for just a pound each, including home delivery.

Danielle Green, 26 from Buckinghamshire, managed to snap up the bargain toys using the website www.toysforapound.com for her daughters Lola and Lily, aged two and four. 

She bought everything from slime and stuffed toys to board games and bedroom ornaments, and even managed to nab branded goods too. Many of the items she bought were worth double or more on the high street, meaning Danielle saved over £100 on the toys too. 

Danielle posted about her success on money-saving Facebook group Latest Deals, Extreme Couponing & Bargains Group. She wrote: “If you're struggling to find stocking presents for your children for Christmas I would highly suggest using www.toysforapound.com I've managed to get my girls 75 presents for £105! I've always used them they are really quick to deliver too! ( also delivery is only £2.99)”. 

Her post was popular with other members of the money saving community, with fellow deal hunters singing the praises of the budget website.  Danielle told LatestDeals.co.uk: “I heard about this website through a mutual friend after struggling each year to buy my girls toys, especially for Christmas stockings.  “Once I found the website I was very pleased, as normally stocking presents can cost over £5 per item whereas with this website almost everything is £1.  “I bought slime, teddies, board games and bedroom ornaments. The website even stocks great products like paw patrol, LOL and Jojo Siwa.”

Danielle is sure her little girls will be delighted with their gifts.  “When they open their stocking fillers they will love them,” Danielle adds. “As it is so cheap, I have been able to get so much more for my money so they will have more to open. “If I could give advice to other parents, I would just say keep stocking up way before December so once that expensive month comes you will already have a load of gifts ready to wrap up which then lets you be able to spend money on other things for the month.” Danielle added: “I bought 75 items for £105. Each item is easily worth double if not more if I bought them from a high street shop - I would probably say I've saved over £100 easily!”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, says: “The best way to do Christmas is to start planning early. Stocking up on Christmas presents is a great idea, and means you don’t have to panic on the 1st December with so much else to buy! Danielle’s tip to look at toysforapound.com is really useful and will help lots of parents fill stockings to the brim without spending a fortune this festive season."

Tom also gave these extra tips to save: 

  1. Save in the Toy Sales - In September and October, Tesco, Argos, Sainsbury's, Smyths and more all launch big toy sales. These include some of the hottest toys of the year. In the past, Argos has done 3 for 2, but I think this year it's more likely to be a general sale, and Sainsbury's usually does a "up to half price toy sale".
  2. Compare Before You Buy - Just because you've bought a toy in a sale does not make it a good deal. First, you have to compare the prices. Retailers love to whack prices up just before a sale and then offer a "discount" back to the normal price. LatestDeals.co.uk has price comparison data on over 1 million toys which is free to use. 
  3. Charity Shops - Consider buying toys from charity shops such as Kara Kids. It's cheaper for you, and you help other children in need across the world. Plus, when your child is bored with the toy, you can donate it again.  
filmcellsover a year ago

that is just cheap rubbish. Did the kids actually ask for that or are they easily pleased! if they are then so lucky - youd be better off spending £60 each on something of quality that will last and they actually want! or are

LindaBryanover a year ago

how rude are you if this is what this lady Wants to buy and her children get pleasure from this then fantastic and good for her we are not all materialistic or a snob get off your high horse teach Your kids to be grateful for what they get NOT how much it costs

Johnnycakesover a year ago

Teach your kids to be grateful by buying them 75 presents? Doesn't sound quite right to me.

mrshammertonover a year ago

Precisely what I was thinking, she hasn’t easily saved anything she went ott because it is all so cheap, could do the same in Poundland, it’s nice for your children to open loads of presents, I know as I’ve done it, but the reality is it’s going in the bin, waste of money and a waste of plastic.

Id also like to see how much she spends on the actual stocking to fit them all 😂

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