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Meet the Instagramer who snaps new products before anyone knows about them

February 17, 2018, 8:00 AM

Do you ever get excited by new foods?

For example, I recently shared Chicago Town’s new Mac & Cheese pizza on our Facebook Page which went mad. Thousands of people watched the video and hundreds shared it with friends.

Then, when I was reading an article in The Sun about a new Birthday Cake flavoured Ben & Jerry’s, I noticed something.

Stamped on the photographs was the name of an Instagrammer I had seen before.

Whenever an exciting new food was being spoken of, this Instagrammer was there - every time!

So I reached out to learn more.

Nik and Reece from the West Midlands run New Foods UK. Cut from the same cloth as a deal hunter, when they're in the supermarket they love to spot new products.

They're often the first people in the UK to find new foods, and have grown a loyal following to over 8,000. They take photos of the products and review them.

It’s such a good account to follow if you love new foods and want inside news from what’s going on in supermarkets.

You’ll be able to see when the latest products from other countries hit the shelves too, like Strawberries and Cream flavoured Baileys, or Lidl’s American style food range.

The page also reveals where you can get rare and hard to find items, like Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Easter eggs:

Hersey’s Cookies and Creme eggs are an alternative to Creme Eggs this Easter. Image: NewFoodsUK

Sharing their story with me, Nik said,

“I’ve been running @newfoodsuk for around 10 months.

“The idea to start it came about because I work in the supermarket trade, and have always had an eye for new and interesting foods.

“I also like to try anything new that comes to the UK straight away, and this is a great way to let people know about what’s good to try.”

The recent review of Ben & Jerry’s birthday cake ice cream went down a treat.

Ben and Jerry’s recently released a birthday cake flavour ice cream for its 40th birthday. Image: NewFoodsUK

“My favourite food has got to be the new Ben and Jerry’s birthday cake ice cream.

“My expectations were really high for this, because it sounds amazing, and it was!

“The cake pieces are incredible, and the frosting swirl is so tasty, as for the ice cream, it really has a nice flavour to it, 9/10!”

I’ve asked Nik to give Latest Dealers the heads-up on any new products they spot so we can have first dibs.

Might new product spotting be a new hobby? What do you think - have you tried anything new yet or seen something different?

I’m off to look for the Birthday Cake Ben & Jerry’s!

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