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Making a Resolution to Get Fit? (Cheapest Tips & Tricks To Shed The Pounds)

January 1, 2018, 9:00 AM
  • Losing weight and exercising more were the most popular resolutions
  • Lose weight without losing money
  • The best deals on gym memberships
  • Ditch the workout DVDs for free online workouts
There’s loads of ways to save money and get healthy in 2018. Image: Getty

The start of the year is the most common time for people to fork out for gym memberships or buy workout DVDs, as many make the New Year’s Resolution to lose weight during the year.

Getting into shape doesn’t have to mean you’ll be out of pocket though, it’s easy to get a totally free workout if you look in the right places.

We found the best ways to lose weight, not money, in 2018.

Free Outdoor Gyms

Across the UK, there are loads of free gyms in parks.

You can find loads of free exercise classes help in public spaces. Image: Getty

A typical gym membership will set you back an average £170 a year, so if you want to cut this cost out, a free gym is the way to go.

There are hundreds of these in existence; they’re funded by councils and are open and free to use all year round.

These were introduced by councils as a way to encourage a healthier community.

As they are in parks, parents can combine a workout with taking their kids out to play, so getting healthy can fit around a busy lifestyle.

These gyms will have basic equipment, as it has to be able to withstand adverse weather conditions.

The amount of equipment will vary depending on the gym, but you can expect to find between 10-20 exercise stations.

It will be similar to a regular gym- cross trainers, seated rowers, pull up bars, etc, but will be simplified, resistance based versions of these.

You’ll still get a good workout, but it will be a low-impact mix of cardio and strength training.

Some areas have ‘green energy gyms’, where the energy you generate form using some of the equipment can charge devices, such as a smartphone or iPad, so is a great money saving way to charge your gadgets and get in shape.

In London, you can also get free exercises classes in parks.

Fitness initiative, Our Parks, which is funded by local councils, offers free outdoor exercise class for those living in London.

You can find a range of different classes near you, and just book a place on the class and then show up- completely free.

Deals on Gym Memberships

If you’re set on going to a gym, find a deal on your membership. Image: Getty

If you’re set on having a workout indoors and away from the cold, then you can stick with a standard gym membership and still save.

Before you commit to a gym membership, make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Subscriptions to gyms can be the hardest to cancel, so make sure you check what your cancellation policy is before you sign up, or you could end up paying for something you’re not using.

Some gyms also have a ‘try before you buy’ style scheme.

At Fitness First, you can get a free three day pass when you register.

You’ll get emailed a voucher, and then can activate it by calling up the gym that you plan on going to.

If you know someone already at Fitness First, you can get on the back of their membership, as the gym runs ‘bring a friend free on Friday’, you’ll just need to sign in at reception.

Anytime Fitness run an offer similar to this.

You can get a free three day pass when you register with them, but you’ll need to use it within two weeks of signing up, and the days have to be consecutive.

Nuffield Gym are also offering a free 3 day gym pass.

With the pass, you can use their facilities, swimming pools, and access to their health experts.

You’ll have to enter your postcode to their site to find your nearest club, and then you can order your pass completely free of charge.

Students can get 20% off their memberships from Pure Gym, who have over 180 gyms nationwide, including 500 free classes every week.

Home Workouts

A work out DVD used to be the classic way to get fit at home; every year more are released and promoted by celebrities telling you how to get in shape in the new year.

In our Chat section, Tom shared a free 30 day yoga course from YouTube.

But there is a way that you can exercise at home for free, instead of getting a DVD.

On YouTube, there are hundred of workout channels, that will show you exercises to do at home, that vary in length and ability.

Exercises range from yoga, to zumba, to body weights, so you can also save money by not going to classes for these.

There are also simple home workout plans available online, that are free to use and also have different ability levels, there really is no need to spend money on a workout DVD.

You may also want to see the latest Sports vouchers to save money on gym kit, day passes, protein shakes and other supplements.

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