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Iceland, Aldi, and Morrisons Will Still Accept Old £10 Notes

March 3, 2018, 8:00 AM
  • Shops no longer have to accept old £10 as legal tender
  • Iceland, Aldi, and Morrisons have said they will accept the notes to give shoppers more time
  • Notes can be swapped at the Post Office or a bank
The old £10s aren’t legal tender in most shops, but some are still accepting them. Image: Getty

From Friday 2nd March, shoppers will not be able to spend the old £10 notes.

However, three retailers have said that they will still accept them, to give customers some more time to use them up.

The shops do not have to do this- it is down to the discretion of each retailer to decide if they want to accept the notes or not, but Morrisons, Aldi and Iceland will be accepting the notes at all of their stores.

It is estimated that around 211 million paper notes are still in circulation, worth in excess of £2.1 billion.

Iceland said that it will continue to accept the paper £10 notes until shops close on Easter Monday, which is the 2nd April, meaning you’ll have an extra month to spend them there.

Aldi is also accepting paper notes longer than it has to.

It will be taking them as payment until the close of business on 30th March, which is Good Friday.

Morrisons is giving customers a bit less time to spend the notes there, customers can use the old £10s until 16th March, which is two weeks after the Royal Mint’s deadline.

If you have some lying around and want to swap them to the new plastic notes, you can take them to your bank, building society, or post office.

You can also use to the Post Office to deposit the old notes into your bank account.

It may be best to try and spend the notes, or pay with cash, as some shoppers are still being made to pay an extra fee for paying with a credit or debit card, despite this now being banned.

TweedyAmyover a year ago

Aw, that's good of the shops

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