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KFC Re-Opens 70% of Stores, But With a Limited Menu

February 22, 2018, 12:00 PM
  • Fast food chain has run out of chicken
  • Over 600 stores were closed, now open with a small menu
  • Delivery company DHL could take a month to get things running properly
  • What caused the chicken shortage?
As KFC stores are starting to reopen, fans aren’t happy with the smaller menu. Image: Getty

KFC has reopened 70% of its’ stores, but with a limited menu that has left fans unimpressed.

The disruption to the fast food chain began last week, when 70% of stores has to be closed due to running out of chicken.

Fans branded it the ‘apocalypse’, and police even had to put out a statement saying not to call 999 if your KFC is closed.

The chain has been working “flat out” to reopen all 870 restaurants as fast as possible.

Around 70% are now open, but have a limited menu and shorter opening hours to make up for the lack of stock.

KFC put out a statement saying, “Deliveries of chicken are winging their way around the country right now, and we’re opening more restaurants all the time.

“Some are offering a limited menu, but don’t worry, we’re focused on your favourites.”

What Caused the Problem?

KFC changed delivery companies last week, from Bidvest to DHL, and this is the root of the problem.

The delivery problems come from the depot in Rugby, where there’s been issues with how the chicken is stored and the accessibility.

One driver reported having to throw away a truck load of chicken because the temperature in the lorry was set wrong.

Another driver said that they had to wait seven hours to get their load from the depot, and said it was due to a lack of training and preparation of staff.

Chicken fans have continued to express disappointment on Twitter.

One user, Brian, said, “The KFC shortage has left Britain as a ravaged wasteland.”

Another unimpressed customer said, “The KFC crisis is actually bad, I went in there today and they didn’t have literally half of the menu available.”

Ron said, “Disaster, took the grandkids out to dinner at KFC only to see that it’s shut down because of some chicken shortage. Now crying in the bathroom, can’t show weakness in front of them.”

KFC has set up a web page so you can see what stores are open.

If you’re local KFC is shut, why not try McDonald’s new Big Macs instead?

JohnCalverleyover a year ago

I really dont see why some of them could not have bought locally,supermarkets are full of them!

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