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Millions of Sky Customers’ Bills Will Rise by £30 a Year

February 23, 2018, 8:00 AM
  • Sky is increasing bills for millions of customers
  • Change will happen on 1st April
  • Broadband, TV, and home phone bills all rising
Telecoms giant Sky is putting prices up from April. Image: Getty

Millions of Sky customers will see their bills rise this year, as the telecoms giant confirms price hikes.

The price rise kicks in on the 1st April, but unfortunately, it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke.

This comes just after four major mobile phone networks also announced price increases that will kick in later in the year.

Bills for affected customers will rise by an average of £2.50 a month, which will add up to £30 a year.

It may not sound like much, but every little helps when wages are stagnating and inflation is rising.

Sky customers will be contacted by post over the next few weeks with more information on their individual circumstances and price increases, so keep an eye out for a letter.

The company is pushing up the cost of TV bundles by £1.50 per month, and some broadband products will be rising by £1 a month.

A spokesperson for Sky said, “Not all customers will see their bills increase, with many Sky products remaining at their current price, and, for some products, this will be the first increase in two years.

“We continue to invest in content, products, and services that our customers low, offering both new and existing customers great value and more choice through flexible packages.”

A number of Sky packages, including its TV Entertainment one and Sky Fibre Broadband, will remain at the same price.

Earlier in the year, Sky announced that customers will be able to upgrade to get an extra 80 channels for free, depending on the package.

But now it looks like this upgrade is coming at a cost, as prices now rise for customers.

Can you avoid the price hike?

In short- yes, but only if you cancel your contract.

If you’re a Sky customers outside the minimum term of your contract, then you can cancel it penalty free.

For TV customers, you’ll need to give 30 days notice, if you’re a broadband or phone customer then it’s 14 days notice.

If you’re still in your contract and you’re unhappy with the changes, you can try haggling with them, by calling Sky customer service, but this is risky as there is no guarantee it’ll work.

Is Sky allowed to do this?

Companies are allowed to impose mid-contract price rises.

There’s a clause in their small print that warns of potential changes in line with the RPI, which is what Sky is doing.

Are you going to be affected by these price hikes? Let us know in the comments.

AgnesFaludiover a year ago

😮 Wow....long time ago just have the free channels and get Amazon Prime Movies and Netflix....

GrahamAldridgeover a year ago

Got my increase today about £4.50 on a full package, no broadband, no phone, no mobile, think its outrageous!!

DanWoolerover a year ago

If you speak to sky about going onto the new entertainment packages you will pay less than you did before the increase for the same package or maybe more depending on what package you‘ve got

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