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Mum transforms her daughters' bedroom for just £50 and it took just one day

January 2, 2020, 12:00 PM
  • Laura Pugh, 33, transformed her daughters’ bedroom in just a day
  • The whole project cost just £50 using supplies from Facebook and B&M
  • Her daughters are in love with their new bedroom

Home renovations can be seriously expensive and feel like they take forever - but one mum has got super-speedy and affordable transformations down to a fine art.

Laura Pugh, 33, from Hertfordshire, decided to renovate her daughters’ room and create a relaxing space for her girls, Liberty, 17 and Trinity, 12.

Laura, who is also mum to son Tyler, 16, told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: “I'm not currently working because my health isn't too good, and that is what made me come up with the need to decorate the girls’ room.

"Trinity has bad anxiety at the moment and is receiving help and counselling at school due to not wanting to leave my side because of my health and being in and out of hospital.

"I was talking to my sister Ally and we said she needed a nice escape room to relax in as she spends a lot of time at home because she doesn't like to leave me.

“Because of my daughter's anxiety we felt like she deserved a relaxing space so she could chill in it."

Laura decided to transform her daughters’ room to help create a chill-out zone to relax in, but didn’t want to spend a fortune or weeks on the project. Using items sourced from B&M and Facebook, Laura managed to do the whole project for just £50 and spent just a day on making the room unrecognisable.

"It cost about £50,” Laura explained. “We reached out to a free site on Facebook, Reuse Project, asking if anyone had any materials and a lovely kind lady gave us a whole new tub of grey paint.

“We went through things we already had in our homes like the nets and curtains. I loved the nets but we didn't need them, so I was trying to think of somewhere to put them.

“I thought maybe between their beds to give them both a little privacy would be good, so we hung them on net curtain wire between the two beds. I kind of delegated and my partner and my sister did all the work!

"They started at 9am and finished at 8pm as we were so committed to getting it done for them as a surprise - we didn’t even stop for lunch. We got most of the bits from B&M like the shelves and candles. We also raided family cupboards for things!

"They each have a candle and silver candle holder next to their beds, which were £5 each, the hanging heart next to the window was £3, their throws were £5 each, the big white photo frame was £7, the tie backs were 50p each for the curtains and their bed covers were reduced in B&M for £4.99 each! The tapestry on the wall was from Amazon for £11 too."

Laura got inspired for the project by browsing images of interior design on Pinterest and Google - and her daughters were blown away when they saw the finished result.

"I had an idea in my mind of the look I wanted just from going through images on Pinterest and Google and just put it all together,” she added. "I am actually over the moon with how it turned out!

"It turned out better then I expected it to and I just keep sitting in there and looking at it.

"I wanted it to match but then be a bit different for them due to their ages, so my youngest has the grey bedding, wind chime and the tapestry, and my eldest daughter has the matching bedding but in white with the photos above her bed.

"They were gobsmacked when they saw the room. My eldest daughter's eyes filled up and my youngest just stood at the door with her mouth open - it was like an old cartoon when their jaw hits the floor - and just kept thanking us!

“They've kept it spotless since, and Liberty, the eldest, has even got herself her own cleaning basket she keeps up there with cleaning products!"

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, says: “It’s a well-known fact that home renovations always take much longer than you think they will to finally be complete. However, Laura’s project proves that if you put your mind to it, you can pull off transforming an entire room in just a day with a very small budget. It’s no wonder her daughters are delighted with the look of their new room: I can’t believe it took just a day to finish!”

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