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Supermarket Gaffes: Shoppers Reveal Massive Pricing Mistakes

June 18, 2018, 10:00 AM
A Tesco shopper found herself the ultimate mis-price in one of its branches recently, when she spotted a pack of ham that was "reduced" from £2.51 up to £9.60.
Image: Jayne Ward from Latest Deals Facebook Group

Yesterday, Jayne Ward posted a picture of the sham deal in Facebook Group Latest Deals, Extreme Couponing and Bargains.

The picture shows a pack of four slices of turkey ham with an original price of £2.51, then accidentally given a 'reduced' sticker of £9.60.

Jayne's picture quickly gained the attention of fellow bargain hunters. Hundreds of people laughed at the 'deal' and shared their own pictures of sham deals.

Katie Lester shared a picture of "bargain" Kinder eggs in Asda that were advertised at a whopping £79 each:

Image: Katie Lester from Latest Deals Facebook Group. "That is a surprise", commented David Stanton.

Maureen Simpson shared another Tesco deal, a picture of a Cornish steak pasty reduced a whopping 2p.

Image: Maureen Simpson from Latest Deals Facebook Group (note - the 16.35 is not a price, but the time it has to be thrown away as it would be kept warm for too long).

Savvy shoppers jumped in on the conversation, joking that they'd rush to go and buy it.

Gosh must rush!
Haha bargain!
Every little helps (Tesco).

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk said, "Supermarkets make mistakes every day, sometimes to the benefit of savvy shoppers, sometimes not. In this case, the benefit is that it provides a good laugh. Of course these are accidental pricing errors, I don't think anyone genuinely believes a pack of ham was being sold for £9.60.

"It seems to be that the turkey ham was previously being sold at £16 per kilogram, and that it was reduced to £9.60 per kilogram. If that's true, the reduced price should have been about £1.50."

In a separate post, Helen Black shared a supermarket gaff from Aldi. A pack of their Monster Munch alternative brand, Snack Rite:

Image: Helen Black, shared with permission on the Latest Deals Facebook Group.

It shows how Helen got just one claw crisp, and then a giant malformed piece. It certainly was a monstrous pack.

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