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Tesco Changes Clubcard Reward Scheme - And Customers Aren’t Happy

January 16, 2018, 12:00 PM
  • Rewards will be worth less than before
  • Changing it to “make things easier”
  • Shoppers have been angered by the news
Tesco reward vouchers will be worth a quarter less than before. Image: Getty.

Tesco is changing its’ Clubcard points rewards scheme from today onwards.


Customers will receive vouchers for their Clubcard points- but the vouchers will be worth three times the points value, instead of four times, which they previously were.

For example, if you have £2 in Clubcard points, you’ll get a voucher to spend at one of Tesco’s Reward Partners, for £6 instead of £8.

Tesco announced the change yesterday, saying, “Previously your vouchers were worth two times their value with some of our Reward Partners- and others were worth four times.

“We’ve decided to make things easier.

“From today, you’ll get three times the value of your vouchers across the majority of our Reward Partners.”

Clubcard Rewards Partners included in this are Pizza Express, Cafe Rouge, Zizzis, and London Zoo.

Customers get Clubcard points from shopping online, using Tesco's’ petrol stations, and in stores.

You can earn more points by using a Tesco credit card too.

Once customers have earned 150 points in three months, Tesco will send you vouchers reflecting the value of these points.

The last batch of these vouchers with the current four times value system will be sent out this month.

Tesco has faced a backlash for being “disloyal” to customers. Image: Getty.

Customers expressed their annoyance over the change on social media.

Ed Burtonshaw-Gunn said on Twitter, “Hey Tesco, thanks for devaluing my clubcard points, sometimes I REALLY struggled to multiply x2 and x4, thank god you made them all x3 #thief”.

Carrie Louise also posted on Twitter, saying, “So much for customer loyalty, no warning, just immediate effect. How does it make my life simpler to reward me less for shopping with you? It is the only reason we shop with Tesco. Time to look around…”.

Customers thinking of shopping somewhere else might want to check out AmazonFresh, which was found to be cheaper than Tesco on branded products.

Adam Gale called for Tesco to backtrack and change the offer, saying, “Does Tesco think its’ customers are all stupid? How the hell is reducing the value of Tesco Clubcard points supposed to be a benefit? Think for a rethink and a quick backtrack, methinks.”

Other customers have said they’ll shop elsewhere, with bargain supermarket Aldi being one of the most popular options.

Claudette Jordan said, “Disgusting how you have treated your customers. You have shown no loyalty to us, so why should I show my loyalty to you. I’ve cashed out my points to food vouchers and I have thrown my card away, Aldi here I come.”

However, Tesco has since defended the change, saying, “We’ve listened to our customers and simplified our Clubcard reward Partners so that they’re more straightforward for everyone.

“This means that from the 15th January, we will offer customers three times the value of their vouchers with over 100 Clubcard Reward Partners, including days out at weekend breaks, holidays, and more.”

Customers who have already placed an order of a voucher worth four times the value will still receive this, but new orders will be for three times instead.

Last month, Tesco also came under fire for putting prices up in stores compared to online.

DeanPayne946over a year ago

They can stick them were the sun don’t shine I’m shopping in Asda from now on.

90210bubblesover a year ago

So much for being a loyal customer! I shall shop elsewhere from now on. Shame on you Tesco!

KatherineKellyover a year ago

I hardly shop at Tesco now, with my nearest being a bus ride away and only exchanged my points for Avios anyway. Every little helps, as they used to say.

amberacoombeover a year ago

Think they need to re-evaluate “every little helps“ as it’s more like every little less.

scoobie1over a year ago

Stopped shopping at Tesco long ago, they are just so expensive and not the best

AgnesFaludiover a year ago

Tesco reducing cost of everything what gives something back to the customers. Their prices are not cheaper than other supermarkets, so I am going to others now and Tesco completely lost me....

RachBrownover a year ago

The greediest supermarket around.

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