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Travellers Angered by Ryanair’s Change in Baggage Policy

January 15, 2018, 5:00 PM
  • Ryanair’s new hand luggage policy kicks in today
  • You’ll have to pay extra for two bags in overhead lockers
  • People took to Twitter to vent their frustrations
The changes made to Ryanair’s baggage policy come into force today.

From today, Ryanair has changed its’ policy on hand luggage, limiting what you can bring on the plane.

Before the change, travellers could take two items of hand luggage on the plane- one larger bag and one smaller bag.

Now, you can take both through security, but can only bring the smaller into the cabin, the larger will go on hold for no extra cost.

If you wish to keep both with you, you’ll have to pay an extra £5.

Travellers took to Twitter to air their frustrations with the company.

Many have accused Ryanair of using the new rules to make money. Image: Twitter
The extra pricing on the new rule is what has annoyed most people. Image: Twitter
Twitter users accused Ryanair of having a hidden charge with their new rules. Image: Twitter

Travellers also pointed out a flaw in Ryanair’s new rules.

The company said that it has introduced the change in order to speed up boarding and reduce delays caused by passengers trying to fit large carry on bags into the overhead luggage compartments.

However Twitter users believe that the policy will actually make boarding times longer.

One user pointed out that it will take longer for bags to be loaded on the plane. Image: Twitter
Travellers called Ryanair out for their policy not actually being efficient. Image: Twitter.

However, there were also messages of support on the social media site.

Some were quick to point out that the new policy won’t actually cost anyone extra, unless they want the larger case to be stored in the overhead locker.

The response to Ryanair wasn’t all negative. Image: Twitter
Smaller bags will now have more space in the overhead lockers. Image: Twitter.
djbover a year ago

This is a bit misleading. It says "You’ll have to pay extra for two bags" but this is not the case. You still have the two free bag allowance you have always had, it is just the larger bag (or small suitcase) gets taken off you as you board the plane to put in the hold (free of charge) - as has been the case voluntarily for some time now.

jstlawover a year ago

More cabin space - winner!

Same amount of bags allowed this will just stop people taking their full holiday/week case and over filling headlockers when they don't need access to them! 😎

EllenLoganover a year ago

Nothing has changed really! Do we still take hand luggage to when we are boarding and our bag gets taken off us as we board?

I wish they took hand luggage from us at check in 😜

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