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Woman bags enormous box of Morrisons food for just £3 and here's how

December 9, 2019, 12:00 PM
  • Stephanie Edwards got £20 worth of food for £3
  • She used the Too Good To Go app to bag a huge box of food from the supermarket
  • Stephanie shares tips on how to do the same

Food shopping is always the most expensive part of our week - but one woman managed to get an enormous box of Morrisons food for just £3.09 thanks to the Too Good To Go app, saving her a fortune on food shopping.

Stephanie Edwards, 34, from Wolverhampton, shared a photo of the huge box of food to money-saving Facebook community Latest Deals, Extreme Couponing & Bargains Group.

She wrote: "My £3.09 magic box from Morrison’s. Had to separate in to 2 pics to show it all. Was heavy. Wish they hadn’t put the bread at the bottom cos some got squashed but the birds can have that. Some items not even out of date. Salad dated for today, crumpets are 10/12, oranges 10/12, grapes 7/12 hovis loaves 7/12 and warburtons loaf 6/12. Don’t know what I’ll do with the avocados tho as I’ve never bought one before Not bad for just over £3 tho.”

Her post was a hit with fellow bargain-hunters, with nearly 300 likes and over 200 comments from shoppers in the group who shared their own photos of Morrisons boxes they bagged on the Too Good To Go app, which allows shoppers to buy food that would otherwise go to waste at rock-bottom prices.

Stephanie told LatestDeals.co.uk: "I bought the Morrison’s magic box from the Too Good To Go app last Tuesday night and collected it Wednesday afternoon.

"It was a massive box and the staff couldn’t even fit everything in. A couple of items were hanging out of it!

"It only cost me £3.09 and I was able to pay through PayPal which made it quick and easy. I didn’t know that Morrison’s did a magic box like this until I saw it on the Latest Deals Facebook page.

"I had been keeping an eye on the app to buy a box for about a week and had no luck due to them selling out within a minute each night. But I finally got lucky and managed to buy one.”

Stephanie was delighted with the contents of the box, which included four loaves of bread and lots of fruit and vegetables.

"There was loads in there including items that were still in date for another four days,” Stephanie adds. "There must have been around £20 with of items there - it was a brilliant bargain for the price. Lots of it went in the freezer at home.

"It was such a bargain for only £3.08. I will definitely be looking to buy one again. Each time will be a different box so you never know what you can get. It’s always a surprise. I had no idea that my post would be of so much interest to the group - I was just sharing my bargain!

“To get a box like this, my main tip would be to be quick and keep refreshing your app. The boxes sell within a minute so you need to be quick to get one."

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, says: “Too Good To Go is one of my favourite apps. Not only does it help fight the war on food waste, but it helps people nab boxes of food and meals for seriously slashed prices. I’d recommend refreshing the app regularly as you never know what you’ll find and it could save you a fortune on food shopping!"

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