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Woman bags an incredible £25 of food for just £3 and this is how

December 12, 2019, 12:00 PM
  • Tammy Warren, 36, got £25 of food for just £3 
  • Tammy used the Too Good To Go app and got a huge box from Morrisons
  • Tammy shared her post with the money-saving Latest Deals Facebook group

If you’ve looked at your food bill and wished there was a way to drastically reduce it, take advice from this savvy mum.

Tammy Warren, 36, from Herefordshire, managed to bag a huge box of food fromMorrisons for just £3.09 using the Too Good To Go App, which aims to cut down on food waste by selling excess food that would otherwise go in the bin.

Tammy, a mum of two who works in insurance, shared a photo of the box to money-saving Facebook group Latest Deals, Extreme Couponing & Bargains Group, writing: "Just picked up our magic bag, if you haven’t signed up yet you really should! Such a great idea and an absolute bargain!! Too good to go app £3.09Morrison’s magic bag!”

Her post soon got nearly 200 likes and nearly 200 comments, with impressed bargain hunters asking her how she managed to do it.

Tammy told Latest Deals: "I saw a post online about Too Good To Go a few months ago so downloaded the app. There was a bakery about 45 minutes away from us but nothing local so I forgot about it really.

"I was scrolling through my apps around the middle of November and saw it, thought I would have a quick look and noticed Morrison’s had been listed. It was around 11am and I ordered for collection between 12 and 6 the next day.

"Ever since then it has been sold out or not available. I tend to have a look around 6pm if I remember and we were lucky on Tuesday night and managed to get a box for collection on Wednesday. I think it’s more luck than skill... you need to click in the right place at the right time!”

This time, Tammy managed to get a huge stash of fruit, vegetables and bread to feed her family.

"It’s the second box we have had from Morrison’s - the first had 21 avocados in it!” she added. "I love to cook and liked the idea of a surprise bag - it’s kind of like the programme Ready Steady Cook!

"I cook from fresh for the whole family every day and love that you can get such a variety of ingredients, as some items I may not normally buy.

"We are currently weaning our daughter who is almost one and we blog her weaning journey and share it on Facebook at @whatevvyeats so the items in the magic bags are a great way to help me think of new ideas.

"I’ve just totalled up the full price of the items in yesterday’s box and it came to£25.32! We paid just £3.09.

"So far we’ve had two evening meals for four, breakfast this morning and plenty for tomorrow. I’ve made 12 mini banana loaves to freeze and a large banana loaf. The rest of the bananas will be frozen for smoothies. I would expect it to make or go towards meals for the rest of the week too!

"The first box I was a little disappointed and slightly overwhelmed with the 21 avocados, but this time I was delighted, such a great selection and an absolute bargain too.

"My advice would be to keep trying, you might get lucky and it’s such a great way to stop food waste too!"

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, says: “I love checking out the Latest Deals Facebook group daily to see all the amazing boxes people are bagging from Too Good To Go. It’s not just supermarkets on the app - you can get full restaurant meals for just a couple of pounds. I’d highly recommend it for anyone trying to save money on food!"

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