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The Burberry Touch men’s perfume presents a complete masculine scent. The smell is powered by an interesting mix of three great notes. The Burberry Touch Women’s perfume belongs to the floral green family.


The Burberry Touch Women’s perfume is exclusively created for the elegant city girls. It is widely famous among the ladies of the world. The aroma carries a soft, light, and sweet combination of fragrances.

On the other hand, the men’s Burberry touch perfume is stronger on the nose. This Burberry perfume was created to be worn all throughout the day. The Burberry Touch Women is more ideal to be worn during the day time. 

The nose behind the Burberry Touch Men’s fragrance is Jean-Pierre Bethouart. Michel Girard created the Burberry Touch Women's perfume.


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Things to Know About Burberry Touch


This Touch perfume marked the revolutionary turning point for the Burberry House. Stella Tenant featured as the face of this perfume. Burberry enjoyed mediocre fame before the Touch range was released in the year 2000.

The Women’s Touch fragrance is extremely feminine. Every time it is sprayed it gives way to a boost of freshness. One can essence a burst of floral essences. The Burberry Touch Men delivers a more spicy and woody fragrance.

The users voted Burberry Touch Men’s perfume to feature high long-lasting longevity. The women’s Burberry Touch’s longevity ranges between moderate to high.

The Burberry Touch features an interesting blend of three notes. The Burberry Touch Men’s Eau De Parfum belongs to the Woody Floral Musk family. On the other hand, the Burberry Women’s Touch perfume comes from the Floral Green family.

The creators have exceptionally formulated both the perfumes. On a single sniff, one can feel the difference. The women’s Eau De Parfum is lighter on the nose when compared to the men’s Touch. This perfume is available in different bottle quantities.

The Burberry Men and Women’s Eau De Parfum is available in 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml bottles. One can even avail of 10 ml Eau De Parfum testers. 

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This is one of Burberry’s most innovative and improvised creations. After a lot of mixes and blends, this Burberry range was formulated. The fragrance is so immaculate that it took the Burberry House to a revolutionary change.

These fragrances are long-lasting and made of completely natural ingredients. The sillage the Touch range leaves behind is both heavenly and prolonged. The men’s Touch range gives way to a woody yet spicy twist. 

The women’s Burberry Touch is exceptionally smooth and sweet. The Burberry Touch Men comes in a matte finish bottle. The Touch women’s bottle portrays a more clear and transparent look. 

Burberry Touch Men’s top notes comprises of artemisia, mandarin orange, and violet leaf. The middle or heart notes consist of an interesting blend of nutmeg, cedar, and white pepper.

The base note features the combination of white musk, vetiver, and tonka bean.  The Burberry Touch Women’s Eau De Parfum’s top notes consist of cassia, orange, and cranberry. It also features black currant, red pepper, rose oil, and blackberry.

The middle or heart note is blended with peach, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, and berry. Tuberose, peony, and lily are also present in the heart note. The base note comprises green almond, oakmoss, cedar, vanilla, and tonka bean.

What Makes Burberry Touch Stand Out From the Rest

The Burberry Touch is a revolutionary perfume. It carries some outstanding features. For instance, the main 3 accords felt in the Burberry Touch Men’s perfume is fresh, spicy, ozonic, and aromatic.

The main accords followed next are musky, woody, and aquatic. In the Burberry Touch Women’s Eau De Parfum the top 3 main accords felt are an interesting combination. They feature fruity, woody, and floral.

The last 3 main accords are aromatic, sweet, and white floral. This combination of top accords is very hard to resist. It can immediately refresh one’s mood and make way for an exotic evening. 

Burberry Touch’s fragrance is exceptional. It is an immensely long-lasting perfume. The Eau De Parfum is extremely light on the user’s body.

Every single time when it is sprayed on, it leaves behind a beautiful sillage. The fragrance is both refreshing and uplifting. The Burberry Touch men’s Eau De Parfum carries an interesting spicy twist. This gives the Burberry Men a hike to their personality and the environment that they are in.

The women’s touch is comparatively more sweet and fruity. It brings out the Burberry ladies’ soft and sweet feminine side. It is ideal to be worn on those first dinner dates. 

This perfume is bottled on a designer bottle. The men’s Touch bottle presents a matte look. The women’s touch presents a glass-like transparent look. The Burberry Touch perfume is cased in a durable bottle. 

The bottle cap is made of premium quality material. The nozzle operates smoothly. The packaging is lightweight. It is available in different quantity bottles. The 30 ml and 50 ml Touch perfumes can be tagged along while traveling.

A little bit of Touch can stay a long time. This perfume is a completely skin-friendly product. It does not cause any kind of skin irritation or skin darkening.

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