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E45 Daily Lotion 400ml

E45 Daily Lotion 400ml

Leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated with E45's fast-absorbing moisturising formula. With no unnecessary added colours or fragrances this 400ml daily lotion is delicate...Read moreWilko deals
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22nd Mar
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For the last 60 years, the brand has been providing skin expert cream and lotion. All the range of products are dermatologically tested and suitable for vulnerable dry skin. 

The brand E45 expertise in providing a great range of products for dry skin. The range of products from E45 is available for different skin types. The products efficiently work to maintain and protect skin health.

The range of E45 cream and E45 itch relief cream is efficient in improving dry skin health at every application. The first product range E45 cream was created by Boots chemist. The products were introduced by the chemist in response to customer requests.

To fulfill their demand for products that soothes and protects the skin. The products are also efficient in providing solutions for other problems of dry skin. 

If you are interested in buying E45 products, it is available at Amazon, Wilko, Beauty Base, and other reputable UK retailers.

Things to Know About E45

The first product of E45 was produced to fulfill the demand of the customers. The beneficial treatment for dry skin conditions by the brand was noticed by physicians in 1963.  Firstly the products were only available to the hospital sales department.

In 1980 the E45 products were available to the pharmacy and retail store. After this introduction, the brand was recognized for its effectiveness for dry skin.

Since the 1990s the brand has started to extend its product range to include complete skincare therapy.  The brand efficiently continues to cater to the needs of patients and offer better skin routine for them.

The products offered by the brand hold some unique features. Their extensive range of products is specially formulated. It helps to manage the dry or itchy skin. The featured emollient in the product range helps to retain moisture in the skin.

The effective cleansing range helps to build a healthy skincare routine into your lifestyle. The specially formulated range of products is available creams and oils. The featured skincare solution for diseases like psoriasis is very effective.

The product range from E45 contains urea that helps to retain water within the skin. The cleansing range from the brands can efficiently replace the harsh soap. 

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Benefits of Using E45 Products

There are numerous benefits of using the range of products from E45. Brand expertise in treating skin related problems. They have an easy and effective treatment for problems like eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis, and others.

The cream and lotion efficiently works to retain moisture in the skin. They help the skin to prevent dryness and itchiness. The cleansing range can effectively replace the harsh and fragranced soap. All the products from E45 are dermatologically tested and approved.

Even the physicians have recognized the efficacy of the cream to treat dry skin. It is also one of the first choices of healthcare professionals to treat dry skin. 

The brand E45 offers a different range of products for different skin problems. They offer products for the treatment of dry or itchy skin, Eczema and Dermatitis, Psoriasis, and Ichthyosis.

They offer a special range of products for children. For children, the brand offers products like cream, itch relief cream, and moisturizer lotion. They also provide emollient bath oil, foaming bath milk, nappy cream, and others.

The brand offers different types of cream, lotion, spray, oil, shampoo, and many others. All these are highly effective in treating skin related problems. 

What Makes E45 Stand Out From the Rest

The unique feature and quality of the products make E45 stand out from the rest. For over 60 years the brand has been expertise in providing ideal treatment for dry and itchy skin. The brand offers a different range of products for different problems.

The products are specially formulated for treating dry and itchy skin. The E45 products are rich in emollients which help to dehydrate your skin.

For treating diseases like Psoriasis the brand offers a product range that contains Urea. It helps to retain and bind the water within the skin. The products are specially formulated by the dry skin experts to treat the problem like Ichthyosis.

The product range from the brand E45 is very advantageous. They are made with high-quality ingredients. The products are pleasant and effective to use. It helps to treat and soothe dry skin.

The products are non-greasy. The products are highly beneficial in keeping the skin hydrated, moisturized, and sealed. It helps to maintain healthy skin barriers.

The E45 creams efficiently help to soften, protect, and increase skin flexibility.  E45 is an emollient that helps to seal the moisture. The paraffin present in the cream helps to create breathable and hypoallergenic layers over dry skin.

The unique feature of treating skin dryness and itching makes E45 a useful product. The range of products is very beneficial to use in case of extreme dehydration of the skin. The products help to retain the water in the skin and keep it hydrated.

The products show an immediate relief on sensitive skin. The range of products are formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients. It effectively helps in soothing the inflamed skin. The creams are also effective as a gentle face cleanser.

It can effectively treat problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and ichthyosis. All the range of products is dermatologically tested as well as suggested by the physicians.

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