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Skylar is the manufacturer of iWhite. They also manufacture different other products. iWhite is their leading oral beauty brand. iWhite’s range of products excels at offering instant teeth whitening.

This brand has formulated their whitening treatments devoid of hydrogen peroxide. Instead, they have used a more efficient and technologically advanced procedure. iWhite uses FCC technology. Broadly speaking they use the very unique Film-Crystalized calcium technology.

White Bio-active crystals are used together with a strong film that acts as a polymeric agent. The white bio-active crystals get physically attached to the tooth surface. This gives the teeth a whiter look. 

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Things to Know about iWhite

The FCC technology that iWhite uses has been reinforced by a teeth whitening novelty. That is known as P.A.P. It is a very strong stain-removing molecule. Its job is to break down all forms of teeth discolorations into tiny pieces.

It also keeps the teeth structure unaffected. The entire range of iWhite has been clinically proven to be 100% safe. Multiple customers have encountered a noticeable difference from its very first application. If used on a regular basis then users can get up to 8 shades of improvement with just a single treatment.

This eminent dental care brand is wholly committed to its consumer's dental healthcare. iWhite understands the vitality of a dental care routine. They have created their products in the same way.

iWhite offers products that can be used in a periodical manner to get efficient results. They have products that can be used daily, weekly, as well as monthly. Following this periodical or routine packs give way to dual performance.

First, they deliver the user with whiter teeth. Second, they even make one's teeth a lot stronger. iWhite says that one must brush their teeth at least two times a day. This prevents the formation of plaque and removes all kinds of debris and bacteria. 

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Benefits of Using iWhite

iWhite offers its users with multiple packs of various ranges. iWhites monthly whitening kits are essential to attain that monthly dental care routine. These kits are very easy to use. They have been clinically proven to be safe at the same time.

The monthly whitening kits have been recommended to be used in 5 days. This will result in 8 shades whiter teeth. When it comes to daily care the users can use iWhite’s toothpaste range. The users must brush their teeth twice regularly with iWhites toothpaste.

They offer good dental health, strengthens teeth, and also whitens them. iWhite has created a weekly quick-fix solution for its users as well. This is the iWhite Express pack. With the use of this pack, one can get whiter teeth within one minute. 

They have a wide variety of products and treatment kits. Their daily care range comprises whitening kits, toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrush. It also has tooth polisher and flossing.

The iWhite range features three unique categories. They are the Superior, Sensitive, and Dark Stains range. The Superior range consists of 8 exceptional products. This range also includes the top three iWhite Whitening kits namely, Express, Instant, and Diamond.

The sensitive range has 3 unique iWhite products. This also includes the iWhite Gum Care Toothpaste. The Dark Stains Range features 4 types of products that also have the Sonic toothbrush. 

What Makes iWhite Stand Out From the Rest

iWhite features some outstanding features. To begin with, this brand promises and delivers the same. Their Superior range is boosted with iWhite technology. It promises to deliver 8 shades whiter teeth.

iWhites sensitive range can whiten the teeth, strengthen it as well as restore one’s teeth enamel. If someone has teeth covered with dark stains from years of smoking tobacco. iWhite has procured the solution to it too.

iWhite’s Dark Stains range has been formulated with activated charcoal white pearls. It can efficiently remove year old stains from taking coffee, tobacco, red wine, etc. 

iWhite offers its consumers with some good and very useful advantages. They have created products that enable the users to take care of their teeth in every step. iWhite doesn’t just take care of teeth whitening, it also ensures to clean the teeth.

Their products excel at offering immaculate oral hygiene. iWhite has produced toothpaste of different categories. The dark stain toothpaste is meant to be used twice on a regular basis.

It guarantees to offer a whiter looking teeth. If someone has sensitive teeth and gums then the gum care toothpaste is ideal for them. 

iWhites range of mouthwashes is immensely favored by customers universally. When used on a daily basis they can dissolve all kinds of tooth discoloration. iWhites Sonic toothbrush is exemplary when it comes to performance. 

This toothbrush has been infused with charcoal. iWhites Sonic Toothbrush gives way to superior whitening. iWhite Polishes aims to remove all kinds of stubborn stains. It polishes the users teeth efficiently.

The interdental whitener is high performing. It has been boosted with a triple whitening formula. The manual whitening toothbrushes have micro-polishing particles. They efficiently remove stains and dental plaque.                           

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