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The Soltan suncare range was invented to ensure consistency across the sun care range. Soltan cream and lotion protect the skin from the harmful UVA ray. These harmful rays can cause permanent skin damage. 

The brand is very popular among the people in the UK. The product is suitable for all skin types. The product protects the skin from the sun both at home and on holidays.

The Soltan suncare range is very helpful for mothers as well. All the suncare range for children and kids contains 5 star UVA protection. The brand ensures the skin to be protected all day long. 

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Things to Know About Soltan

There are many suncare ranges available from the brand Soltan. The children's and kids' range of products is specially designed by keeping moms in mind. The products efficiently protect the children from harmful UV rays.

The products are dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types. The non-greasy formula makes the cream lightweight. It easily gets absorbed in the skin and is water-resistant as well.

The cream is available for adults, kids, and babies. The brand is exclusively available in and Boots. There are many mole scanning services available in the select Boot store. It helps you to identify other skin related problems like pigmentation or moles.

Soltan offers a sun care product that holds many unique features. All the range of products contains 5 star UV protection. The Soltan products are available in different SPF ranges.

The highest range of products available is with SPF 50. The products are smooth in texture and get easily absorbed in the skin. All the cream and lotion includes the water-resistant feature.

The Soltan Advance 8 hour protection range is available in both lotion and spray form. This range of products is featured with the most advanced formula. It provides 8-hour protection from the harmful UV rays. 

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Soltan has Effective Skin Care Products

The Soltan suncare range of products is highly beneficial to protect the skin from the sun. The products help to protect as well as treat the sun-damaged skin. It is suitable for all types of skin.

The various range of products are non-greasy and feel light on the skin. The product range available for children and babies contains 5 star UV protection too.

This range of products is beneficial to protect the children and babies. It doesn’t leave any side effects on the soft skin of the baby. The cream, lotion, and spray help to keep the skin moisturized all day long. 

There are different ranges of products offered by Soltan. They are available for both men, and women. You can also get a great range of sun care products for children and kids. 

The products are also dermatologically tested. The products range like Protect and Repel is one of the first sun care ranges in the market with insect repellent.  

This range of products effectively protect from the sun as well as insects. It doesn’t leave any insect repellent odor.  It is also available for kids and babies. It allows your children to spend more time outside without any worries of sun damage. 

What Makes Soltan Stand Out From the Rest

The unique features and texture of the products make Soltan Stands out from the rest. It is the first brand to be equipped with full 5 star UV protection.

The range is available for all skin types. It is one of the most popular sun care brands in the UK. The sun care range is highly beneficial in protecting skin from sun damage. The products are expertly formulated by Soltan’s scientists.

The sun care ranges are made with high-quality ingredients. Its products are long-lasting as well as water-resistant. All the baby and children's range of products are suitable for their soft skin.

Soltan’s sun care range of products is very advantageous. It not only protects the skin from damage but also keeps it moisturized. The creams and lotion are non-greasy and act as an anti-aging.

All the products are dermatologically tested and have no side effects on the skin. The sun care range is highly beneficial in protecting against harmful UVA and UVB radiation. The creams and lotion get easily absorbed in the skin and feel light.

The water-resistant feature allows the products to be long-lasting. The availability of different SPF ranges allows users to get idle products for their needs. 

What Makes Soltan Useful?

The feature of protection against the harmful sun rays makes soltan a useful brand. The brand is popular for its 5-star full protection from UV rays. The ranges are available for adults as well as kids & babies.

Many of their products not only protect from sun damages but also insects. The cream and lotion don’t contain any odor of repellent. The products are also available with the key features of hydrating, moisturizing, soothing, and others.

The products are available in both lotion and spray form. The customers can also pick up the range of multipacks. In which you can get family and holiday packs of mini Soltan products.                           

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