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Working Amazon Vouchers and Promo Codes for February 2020

Amazon is an online retailer in the UK. It sells fashion, technology, music, toys, beauty and more. You can buy everything at Amazon. Plus, with an Amazon discount code from Latest Deals, you can save money. Get an Amazon Fire Stick, a cheap tablet or Kindle for less. Use these Amazon voucher codes to get a bargain, found and shared by our community of bargain hunters.

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10% off Baby Wishlist Orders
Expecting? Amazon Delivers With This Voucher Code For 10% Off Baby Wishlist OrdersExpecting? Amazon Delivers With This Voucher Code For 10% Off Baby Wishlist Orders... Read more
10% off
13th Jan
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£40 off £120 on Amazon Fresh
On Amazon Fresh get £40 off £120 for limited time with the offer code. There is also a promotion for first time buyer as well . Food only... Read more
£40 off
Food & Drink
19th Dec 2019

How to redeem Amazon vouchers?

Did you know Amazon has a voucher code section? Here you can find coupons for a big range of products from household brands. These are sometimes called Amazon Promotions. Usually, it's a coupon that gives you a little bit of money off when you buy two or more, or use the Subscribe & Save feature. It's a handy way to save money.

You don't have to go to the Amazon Vouchers section to find them, however. When you're looking at a product, you'll see in the description either the option to use a voucher code that's available - or that it's already applied.


The Amazon voucher code is shown in the description of applicable products

Examples of Amazon voucher codes include 30% off Tassimo coffee pods when you Subscribe & Save, 10% off Pamper's Nappies, 25% off protein powder, save £4 on Fairy washing capsules and more (all of these were correct at time of writing but subject to change).


On the main Amazon Voucher Code page you can see all available coupons

Other information

  • Amazon is great to find good deals, been with them for years now. I do shop around for the best deals and to check comparison. Prime is good for next day delivery not got it at the moment but experienced the free month which was good. DawnBailey
  • Amazon used to be great, but their prime next day delivery has changed, their next day delivery can be more than one day even up-to a weeks sometimes. You can get almost anything on there which is a good point. Their customer service is polite, but they are not in your favour as much as they used to be. Example, if prime wasn’t on time as promised they would credit you with another month free etc. Now they just say sorry if you want a refund we will give it to you if you refuse delivery or return the item at your expense. So for me amazon has gone downhill a great deal. TahiraChaudhry
  • I love Amazon ! Is great for little money you get prime which you can really benefits a lots . I use amazon for most of my shopping online and never had any problems with them . One thing if you need replacement or return the items you need a printer ( but you have a option to email to your friend) otherwise Great . Highly recommended to everyone AlicjaJagielska
  • I love Amazon. I currently have the Student Prime membership. I love the range that they have and have never had any issues with customer service - always polite and thorough. They just gave me a free month of Prime because a parcel was late. I love that you get free digital credit for choosing No Rush delivery. I buy a lot from Amazon so we have hundreds of pounds a year to spend on digital content which has saved me hundreds again in text books (£120 print version, £15 as an eBook)! If I need to purchase something Amazon is always the first place I look. Nothing but good things to say about them. kellyknight
  • I honestly could not have a more positive experience with Amazon. To begin with, I’m a prime member and I love taking advantage of being able to receive an order the very next day at no extra charge. The app is great which makes it really simple to shop wherever I am, keep track of my orders and organise wish lists of things to buy in future. As with most shopping experiences, not everything can be perfect and sometimes mistakes are made. Any occasion this has happened to me, the customer service support from amazon has been fantastic, either offering a replacement product, refund, extra month of prime, or even a combination of all three. It’s fair to say that I will shop with amazon for the rest of my life. emsterific
  • I used to find amazon great for bargains and although we can still get some i do shop around more as not all the great deals are on there. Noticing a lot more rubbish on there basically cheap tat. However the amazon warehouse is good and sometimes find a great bargain again sometimes disappointing but i do think shopping around is better. You can now use yours clothing there so if you do have some amazon vouchers this is great if purse strings are tight. So there are good sides and bad do love prime delivery as i really dont like paying for that. Very simple to use even when things are on promotion i do notice people having a problem with that but for me its ok.all in all a thumbs up wouldnt want to be without it. sandie12
  • I have nothing but positive comments about Amazon. I purchase lots of items with ease & I love the fact that not only can you get next day delivery but you can choose no rush delivery & receive a promotional credit. The only time my item arrived damaged due to very inadequate packaging it was very quickly sorted & the problem resolved. I would say though to still shop around as Amazon prices are not always the cheapest. SandyRhodes
  • Love Amazon. I don't do prime as don't really need it. Amazon can do some really good items at great prices. They have things on there you wouldn't think of. I even found a old digital version of a song my mum used to sing to us when we were children that her dad sang to her. It bring's back so many memories happy and sad now. I've now started using smile amazon instead of regular amazon ( everything is the same apart from the www) as whatever you buy amazon will donate a percentage to a charity of your choosing. So it's win win. funwithlisa
  • Love love love Amazon. You get great deals. Love the app,especially the alerts I get regarding my item being dispatched and out for delivery. Prime membership is great for same day or next day delivery,it is especially useful when you need a gift for someone really quick.I think the delivery guy/gal must know my address off by heart now thats how much I have been using Amazon in the last few days. It is also good that you can return items for a refund if you are not happy with it and are not getting any help from the seller. bibishah81
  • My postman must hate Amazon with the constant stream of parcels he delivers to my house. I purchase a lot of crafting items for needle felting and the variety of things I need for it can all be ordered without having to traipse umpteen different shops to get what I need. I did the majority of my Xmas shopping on there for my grandchildren as there are always offers and bargains to be had. ( Mostly from posts on Extreme Bargains FB page). As stated in a previous post I'e noticed the delivery times can take longer now even though I have Prime. It can sometimes be 2-3 days instead of next day. I put this down to moving to a rural area as before I moved here I often got my purchase the same day. I have found their customer service very helpful. When I've had the occasion to complain about a late delivery they've always added an extra month on to my Prime subscription. With regards to the subscription I have more that made up the the cost of it with all the free deliveries I've had. The TV and music are an added bonus with the subscription that my grandchildren love when they visit. jacquis
  • Amazon - Another favourite of mines. I've been ordering from there for a number of years now. At xmas time I received a gift (it was a glass cat picture frame). As I have two cats I searched to see if I could get a matching one. Found and ordered 🙂 The packaging from the seller was bubble wrapped as it was very fragile (still in one piece when it was shoved through my letterbox). I know Amazon have many sellers, but I wish they had a system about tracking a package as some are behind. My biggest purchase was a Smartphone (the one I'm using now), ordered next day delivery from Amazon.. Tracking was excellent with that. ScotsChick