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Working Morrisons Vouchers and Promo Codes for November 2019

Morrisons is one of the UK's biggest supermarkets. It sells only the best quality produce and often locally-sourced foods. Great value for money, Morrison's gives you a great deal of savings on household items. Combine with a Morrisons discount code or Morrisons voucher code to save even more. See for yourself a variety of excellent and cheap deals when you shop online or in-store.

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£12 off £60
Spend £60 or more and receive a delivery between 5th November- 10th November 2019 and get £12 off your order.use code at check out... Read more
£12 off
Food & Drink
5th Nov
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50% off Your First Order
Spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the outdoors with our range of recipe boxes.You don’t need to work out which vegetables to buy or how to season to perfection... Read more
50% off
Food & Drink
15th Aug
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50% off Morrisons Eat Fresh Recipe Box
Use code FR50SH for 50% off a Morrisons Eat Fresh recipe box https://images.latestdeals.co.uk/c-K2BMbnAAH.jpgEat Fresh is the recipe box service for people who want to try new and... Read more
50% off
Food & Drink
10th May
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£5 off First Orders over £40
A wide range of tasty wines cakes and a lot more are available from Morrisons for a great discounted price with the help of this promo code.... Read more
£5 off
Food & Drink
27th Aug 2018

How to redeem Morrisons vouchers?


  • Select the Morrisons voucher of your choice here at LatestDeals.co.uk and head on to Groceries.Morrisons.com.
  • If you are an existing customer log in with your email and password or Facebook account, for new customer enter your postcode in order to check first if they deliver in your area. If your area is eligible, you can register using Facebook or enter your name, email and chosen password and click "Register" to begin shopping.
  • Select the corresponding offer or product for your voucher and click "Add". You can also shop for other items you want.
  • When you're done shopping, click "Checkout" found at the top right corner of the page. Confirm your age to age to proceed.
  • Fill in your delivery details and click "Continue".
  • Select your delivery time and click "Confirm and Continue".
  • You will be given product options to choose from, if you do not want to add anything simply click "Contine checkout".
  • Enter your payment method and details. Just below the payment options page click "+ I have a voucher coude" to reveal the box where you can type in or enter your voucher code. Click "Apply" and your total will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Click "Complete checkout" to finalize and complete your order.
  • Enjoy your discount!

Other information

  • Morrisons is okay, I don’t shop there that often but they do have some offers that appeal to me. You can also find Morrisons voucher codes online for more savings. My partner likes to go in there to pick up few bits, and the staff are helpful and friendly enough. DawnBailey
  • Morrisons is okay, I usually shop here when I am in a part of the country where there is one! I think they do offer quite good deals on fruit and veg at low prices, but then again there are cheaper places. I would say most of their supermarkets could do with a face lift as they are quite old fashioned looking. They do have a loyalty card and available discount codes online where you can get freebies and money off big shops which do come in handy from time to time. I love looking at their sale aisles for bargains and their clothes are okay also. MrsB66
  • Morrisons isn’t local to me, however it’s my partner's first choice to shop. I never thought about shopping at Morrisons and always thought it would be expensive in comparison to some popular supermarkets, however over the years my mind has been changed upon noticing how much cheaper my shops have been and how good quality Morrison’s own brand is. We now regularly shop there and I love the staff at the local Morrisons. The reduced section is always a popular one here and you will find good bargains on some lovely things. You can also get the Morrisons More Card which you can collect points in store and online to collect vouchers. Plus search online for voucher codes to get free delivery! RachelMason
  • The Morrisons local is the largest of the "local" supermarkets near me, so often it is my choice for when I need to grab some bits without doing a big shop. The prices aren't great (none of the convenience stores are) but you can find Morrisons discount codes online and only recently have they started adding more of their savers range. However, other than that their selection is quite good, especially for world foods given the size. The yellow sticker selection is a bit hit and miss, and you can go weeks without seeing anything good, and then you can grab loads of items for around 5-9p. Additionally, their meal deal is one of the best around. em221
  • Have mixed views on Morrisons. Their products are very good and they have a wide choice, I use it mainly because it’s local if I want to go, and their online shopping app is easy to use. You can even get voucher codes online for free delivery! The downside with the app is the dates are not very long on fresh produce, where in store I can have a rummage and find the longer dates. You can get a lot of bargains on the app though if you know how to play the system (my secret lol), but in store their yellow stickers are the same day so you won't really get many bargains that way. Overall I would say I would choose Morrisons over Asda and Tesco any day. TahiraChaudhry
  • Morrisons isn't my usual supermarket as there isn't one too close to me, but when I do go in, it is usually to purchase snacks and treats. Their offers seem consistent with other supermarkets so nothing in particular stands out. But you can get discount codes online if you want to get savings or free delivery. Also, they have a good Butchers and Fish monger and the staff on those counters are very good at helping you make a decision when you're unsure and they will give you good advice on how to cook it which I find very helpful. The checkouts always seem well managed and queues go down quickly which is always a bonus. DannyA
  • I used to love Morrisons because it seemed to be the cheapest supermarket. Now it has gotten more expensive and some products I used to buy there have disappeared. They charged for the car park which was a bit of a pain when you don't have a £1 coin with you and they have traffic patrols going around which I don't appreciate when I'm at the supermarket. They do have a good salad bar though which is great for a filling lunch. Their reward card takes ages to build up to any money off. You can however find voucher codes online for instant savings. Freebiesarefun
  • Morrisons have great quality products at good prices. Their prices are generally more expensive on every day items compared to other stores, but you can get some great deals on end of day bargains. Make sure to search online for Morrisons voucher codes to take advantage of fantastic discounts. They also have things you can't get at other supermarkets and their cafe is great. I love Morrisons and the More points club is well worth it, as you often get random coupons. Their kids clothes are of great quality with reasonable prices. They have a huge kitchen section with a lot of hard to find kitchen wares at brilliant prices. Angemala
  • I have shopped at Morrisons for years but since my local store was refurbished it's been less of a pleasure as the aisles are way too small and the current layout makes no sense. However I do love their products, from the Savers range right up to The Best range. Prices are great and their More card gives me money back which I save for Christmas. You can even find discount codes online for further savings. Their staff are mostly friendly, parking is ample, and the cafe is good. Their deals are always worthwhile and I take advantage of the 3 for £10 meat and fish deal regularly. kellyknight
  • I Love Morrisons and my Match and More card. I usually do the weekly shop online and I always find the drivers helpful, friendly and generally nice. You can also get free delivery from Morrisons voucher codes online. Their local store in our area just had a refit and I'm still trying to get use to it, but I would definitely recommend them. sarahtwinmom
  • Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Morrisons. Their prices aren't as competitive as other supermarkets and the one located nearest me is never stocked properly and very badly laid out. I do go in for kitchen items though as they normally have glasses and mugs etc. on offer and I have had a few great deals for them on those kind of items but couldn't afford to do my normal food shop from them. You can however get discount codes online if you want to save on your shopping. I used to buy my lunch from them also as they do have a good fresh deli selection where you can get fresh pasta, salads etc. and their prices are quite reasonable for those. Staff seem friendly enough though and always willing to help if you need it. SRFMLY
  • I'm not usually a fan of Morrisons for shopping, i find a lot of there everyday items rather expensive, I do enjoy their cafe though, the meals/snacks are fairly priced and are usually freshly made. The staff have always been friendly and helpful, i mainly do the odd top up shop in Morrisons when i'm passing as some of their offers are usually quite good and i love their bakery with the hot pies etc, I also enjoy browsing in their Bakery and fresh reduced section Nikki2017
  • Morrison's is good for food and deals. The Nutmeg clothing range is cheap and very varied too, but I often find that you don't get much for your more card. They have money off deals a couple of times a year but that's it. Although they have a good range of own brand products, especially cakes etc, where you always find things you've never seen or tried before. I like the pizza counter's/salad bar and meats and cheese counters but it's not the sort of place I would do a weekly shop! More for the odd occasion or party shops if I fancy new products! Mashleigh
  • Morrisons is quite far away from me so I don't go often, they don't do home delivery in my area either. I find when I do go the prices are higher than Asda or Tesco & the offers they do have on again are not that tempting. They also frustratingly always seem to be out of stock whenever there is a promotion on Checkoutsmart. I like the fresh cakes and deserts but I really could manage without ever going. I think the best thing about ours would be the cafe as you get a decent meal for an okay price but certainly not worth going to specifically. SandyRhodes
  • I live directly behind a Morrisons but I don't often visit. Wish there was a gap in the fence at the bottom of my garden lol. If I'm out and about and need something when I'm near home then we will pop in. I have a match and more card but have given friends my fob who use it a bit more than me and we share any vouchers. I do like Morrisons on a Sunday afternoon. Lots of bargains to be had. I'm liking they have put all their savers selection on one asle. That's fab. Supermarkets seem to be my social life so let's get in there. Lol funwithlisa
  • I shop at Morrisons regularly-ish. I have one near work and one near my home. They have an okay points card but it takes a while for me to build up points as I shop for one. It's nice to get a free fiver though every now and again. Compared to Asda they are nowhere near as good for knocked down goods close to their use by or sell by date. I've had bread and crumpets and maybe a couple of other bits from that section but to be honest they're a bit hit and miss and their knocked down prices are pretty high compared to Asda (but their knocked down deals are so good I'm probably spoilt by them lol). All in all Morrisons is OK and I like their old fashioned decor it reminds me of the 90s when I was a kid lol.
  • I find Morrisons only have a select amount of products but they do have a lot of great offers and discount codes. I love some of their home and kitchen range which are good value. The staff are very friendly there and not to mention the cafe that has the offer of children eating free on week day which is very handy at times with low prices and a good selection of foods to eat. My son loves their bakery section and the fresh popcorn that they have on shelves! I will visit a store if they have promotions on zararoberts86
  • Morrisons does have a great selection of fish and seafood. Generally get our salmon from there and is better prices than that at Asda. Also has a great range of Indian products that are usually not available at other supermarkets so easily. Also, love the product placement technique at Morrisons, wherein all stores have exactly the same look and feel and products kept at the same place. Makes it easier for shoppers. The fruit and vegetable selection is also good. Does stock products that aren't always available at other supermarkets. Also love their in store salad boxes which make a great and (relatively) healthier meal. kird2818
  • I have shopped with them, not that often in the last few years.. As if I walked there it would probably take an hour. If I got the bus I'd have to get it to the City Centre, then get a bus to Morrisons, then do all that again when finished. Only one shop for the whole of my City! I have seen some good offers online and TV but just can't justify trekking all that way. ScotsChick
  • We used to have a Morrisons where I lived and I loved it there, but now we have moved and the nearest one is our furthest supermarket away, 10miles, such a shame as would shop here much more. They need to build more down in south England please. Prices are good I think and I love there baby clothing
  • range especially when you can use a Morrisons voucher. And the salad bar was always a hit... load up the plastic containers (need to be paper now though) no more plastic pls! k54321b