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3 for 2 Party Food Tesco Deal
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3 for 2 Party Food Tesco Deal

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Shared by Bill
7 months ago
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I'm straying from my home territory of alcohol with this one, but I found it next to the Tesco 1L of booze for £15 so may as well. Just remember that you can only eat party food, or canapés as some rascals say, when booze is served by the bucket load.

Right, with that said, Tesco have got 3 for 2 on party food.

Chicken kebab sticks, pigs in blankets, cheese and biscuits, soufflettes (whatever the hell they are), breaded mushrooms and more.

If you're hosting a party soon or just want to munch all night long then have a look here on the Tesco website. There are about 30 options included in this 3 for 2 deal.



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nemosays7 months ago

Love it!! Time to stock up!! Love love love dim sum n sushi :yum: yum