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Ceramic 6 piece Saucepan set+ Free c+c
Save 42%

Ceramic 6 piece Saucepan set+ Free c+c

Get from Tesco
Shared by Qmish
11 days ago
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Good for the price with 3 frying pans & 3 Saucepans

What do you think of this Tesco deal?
Tom11 days ago

Thank you for sharing your first post! I hope you enjoy Latest Deals and if you have any questions, please just ask :thumbsup: You may also like this Chat thread on tips and tricks on the website.

Qmish10 days ago

Thanks will check for sure! :slight_smile: Please can you check the mobile site as when the T9 is on it doesn't type with flow. I have to select each and every word from the options otherwise it doesn't type at all. This takes up alot more time. I can't simply write a sentence. This has taken me 7mins to type!

mixmixi11 days ago


DannyLaws11 days ago

A good price

julieannheer10 days ago


Red7210 days ago


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