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Gousto Box - Get 50% Off Your First Box!
Save 59%

Gousto Box - Get 50% Off Your First Box!

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Shared by Deepak
7 months ago
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Gousto box are offering 50% off your first box purchase. They offer deliveries of meals straight to your door. We were able to get a £27 box down to £11 with free delivery.

Here's a list of the exotic items on the menu this week:

:heart: Paneer Jalfrezi With Buttery Rice

:heart: Tomato Chicken Curry

:heart: Curried Fish With Coconut Rice & Lime

:heart: Greek Vegetable Bake

When you get your box you'll get all your ingredients to make your meal in less than 20 minutes. It's a fantastic time saver especially when you save so much time.

Remember you need to cancel your box after your first delivery or they'll continue to send boxes at full price.

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