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Luxury Christmas Turkey 3.25KG Just £10!
Save 66%

Luxury Christmas Turkey 3.25KG Just £10!

Get from Muscle Food
Shared by Sandy
6 months ago
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MuscleFood is giving away 3.25KG of luxury Turkey for just £10!

Use the code: THANKYOU2016

This reduces it from £30 to just £10. Again, this is for 3.25KG!

This is cheaper than all the supermarkets

  • Aldi - £30.56 per 3.25KG
  • Morrisons - £23.80 per 3.25KG
  • M&S - £29.75 per 3.25KG
  • TESCO - £31.50 per 3.25KG

BUT, there is a minimum spend

You have to spend £24.99 + delivery minimum. That's still cheaper than the £30 Turkey would normally cost you anyway.

I went for a large vegetable selection and one other thing. Here's the link to the veg -


This is a big saving if you need to get a large Christmas turkey! Hope this helps some families! xx


What do you think of this Muscle Food deal?
Tom6 months ago

Oo fantastic! Nice find!

Kelsey6 months ago

I can vouch for MuscleFood - their meats are usually much better than supermarket stuff :muscle:

Deepak6 months ago

Brilliant deal, this is still going strong! :thumbsup: