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Meal Deal at Boots: Save £1 (Today Only)
Save 30%

Meal Deal at Boots: Save £1 (Today Only)

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Shared by Freddie
17 days ago
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With O2 Priority you can get £1 off a meal deal at Boots today. It normally costs £3.29 so it'd be £2.29. In London it costs a bit more.

You can get a sandwich, pastas, salads and graze boxes, crisps or chocolate with it, plus a soft drink.

If you don't have O2 Priority you can get a free sim card at O2. Also, remember to only push the button when you're at the till.

Tom16 days ago

Hey Freddie, thank you for posting this meal deal at Boots. As it's a recurring offer, I have changed the creation date to today. It will expire today too. But I think it's a good offer that anyone near a Boots should take advantage of. £2.29 for a lunch time meal deal is great.

Plus, if you need a free O2 sim card, have a look here


AgnesFaludi16 days ago

This is every week offer... if there is a Boots near by worth to have it...

sometimes they also have other items on offer, like free cake, free drinks, free chocolate can be picked up in the same time.

Kelsey16 days ago

I always forget about this and did again today! Next week I'm going to try and be all over it. Thanks for the heads up Freddie


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