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Pokemon Go Plus UK at Amazon and In-Stock

Pokemon Go Plus UK at Amazon and In-Stock

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Shared by Tom
7 months ago
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Pokemon Go Plus UK at Amazon and In-Stock

Update 11th January.

Nintendo now taking pre-orders for March. Hurry!

Update November 4th 2016

Looking for a Pokemon Go Plus? Amazon has it in-stock here. Johnny and I are tracking prices of it and will be updating this post regularly.

At the moment, there's one seller on Amazon who is doing them for £68.98 with delivery. Amazon Prime has it on for £72 so a bit of a saving there.

What is it?

The wristband (or pocket broach) lets you play Pokemon Go without looking at your phone. So it connects by Bluetooth and lets you know about stuff nearby using LEDs and vibration. You'll need the Pokemon Go app obviously (and therefore smartphone).

Why is there limited stock?

It's turning into a must-have Christmas present and is super popular. Hard to track down (like Pokemon themselves!) it seems to go out of stock within minutes. I think come late November early December we'll see prices come down and a lot more Pokemon Go Plus' available on Amazon and elsewhere in the UK.

Bookmark this page and sign-up to the site to get my newsletter. I'll let you know when it's available to buy. For now, you can get it at Amazon through the button.

See Pokemon Go Plus at Amazon: http://amzn.to/2f1ba6L

What do you think of this Amazon deal?
Kelsey7 months ago

I went a bit Pokemon Go crazy when it first came out but have to confess my interest wained a little bit!

When they removed the nearby step system it made it pretty difficult to find the rarer Pokemon. The number of times Mr Mime kept escaping my capture drove me a little insane!!

I guess the Pokemon Go Plus would help with that as you wouldn't have to be on the constant lookout. Perhaps it's the key to finally capturing Mr Mime :smile:

Like the Hatchimals though it's probably going to be difficult to buy for Christmas - I think I may disagree with Tom and say the closer we get to Christmas the more difficult it might be to find one. Guess it depends how many Nintendo are churning out?

Deepak7 months ago

All my friends are still obsessed with Pokemon Go and this is the hottest gift on the market for those super fans! It's the perfect Christmas gift for Pokemon fans. Make sure you keep checking this page for updates, we're going to be updating stock levels and pricing for the best Pokemon Go Plus deals.. I'm sure this craze will continue long until next year.


nemosays7 months ago

There is something similar for Harry Potter fans too... saw it on fb yest! Not sure how true it is!

Johnny6 months ago

Update 6th December 2016.

Nintendo had new stock of the Pokemon Go Plus on 5th December but sold out immediately. Keep your eyes open for new stock elsewhere. The RRP is £34.99, but until supply outstrips demand higher prices will prevail!

Johnny5 months ago

Update 11th January. Nintendo now taking pre-orders for March. Hurry! See:


Tom5 months ago

Thanks Johnny, have updated.